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Thread: Help Posting Multiple Pics-IT for the Newby

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    Help Posting Multiple Pics-IT for the Newby

    You know, I manage a web based company, but let the IT guys figure out the input, so the procedure is just a big blurr to me how to upload.

    I had problems posting multiple pictures in one post, and was advised to upload them to flock, then cut and paste them over to the MOA post...well needless to say I'm too damn stupid to get it to work!

    I came home to MN via Gillette, and would like to post the pics of the facility and my rides over two days, if somebody has the patience to explain in dummy terms what I'm doing wrong AND tell me how specifically to do it right.

    I'm really kicking myself for not understanding this, so go ahead and laugh but I need some help here...


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    Hey Red. I have found the easiest to be using a free account with an online photo site. Smugmug is mentioned often here, and I use Photobucket. When you download the pics to Photobucket, it asks you what size you want them displayed at. I use one that is large, but hopefully won't stretch the web page. Then you just paste the links for the image into your posts (as you described above). Quote somebody else's if you want to see what they did. Let me know if you need more info. The web address needs to be between [img][/img] tags and should end with some kind of picture format that works here. I use .jpg
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    Images you see on this site are hosted elsewhere.
    There are many places that will give you free pic storage.
    I use my kid's photobucket account, as I am too lazy to create my own.

    If you have pics hosted(on a photo site) then just put the URL to the image in the post. Photobucket provides the links for what use, you may need.

    Here are a page of rally pics:

    Each one has a "[IMG]" link that you can paste on to a message board and it looks like this:

    To do multiple images, just stack the links between text, or not.

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    Got it figured out, DUH!

    Thank you for your help1 Go read about gillette, and somebody give me some feedback for this dismal Moanday

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