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Thread: Cruise control on K12RS

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    Cruise control on K12RS

    I have a 2001 K12RS and would like to add cruise control. Is there an electronic cruise control for this MC. If so, how well does it work, and who sells it? Also, how effective is mechanical cruise control, like Throttlemeister, for this MC? Thanks for comments.

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    I've got a 2001 K1200RS as well and added a MotorCycle Cruise electric cruise control soon after I bought it. It's expensive (about $600) but it's also the best accessory I bought. I won't be without a true cruise control on a touring bike again. It's basically an aftermarket automobile cruise control modified for the specific model of motorcycle by MotorCycle Cruise in Australia ( If you search around, I'm sure you'll find a few people who sell them in the US but I recommend the Pirate's Lair (

    The MotorCycle Cruise people did a great job including all the parts that would be necessary as well as a wiring harness that was "plug and play." The instructions were good so you can install it yourself, if you are mechanically inclined, but it does take some knowledge. I would suggest getting the instructions first to see if it's outside your comfort zone. You could buy a generic automobile cruise from JC Whitney (, modify it yourself and save some money, but that was a little too much work (and risk) for me.

    The MotorCycle Cruise works just as you would expect--set the speed and it holds the speed up or down hill and shuts off when flipping the switch, tapping the brake or on engine overrun (if you pull in the clutch).

    I've use a variety of mechanical throttle locks. They work OK to take your hand off the control for a minute and some people use them to provide a little friction to smooth out the throttle. But they are not really the same as an electronic cruise. I like the Schneider's Flip-A-Lever ( with it's easy thumb on/off. But it can be a hassle to get installed since BMW no longer includes the hole for the throttle set screw. The Throttlemeister ( looks the best and has an easy quarter turn on and off. But it has to be adjusted more exactly than the Bob's Wrist Rest and can get hung up on bikes with heated grips (since the rubber grows a little when it gets warm). The Bob's Wrist Rest ( has more range but is also therefore more work to screw down (and the grip would slip unless I gave the "screw" a lot of force). The cheapest alternative for a little comfort would be a Crampbuster ( None of these provide the simple set and go of an electronic cruise control however.


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