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Thread: Dallas to Jasper and British Columbia Part 3

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    Dallas to Jasper and British Columbia Part 3

    Leaving Waterton, I took Hwy 6 going north and picked up Hwy 22 to get me to Longview, Alberta. Roads were pretty wide open with not much traffic.

    First thing I come to when I hit the south side of Longview was this beef jerky store. Beef jerky is just ok with me and I'm not into the commercial big brands, but on occasions I've tried the unpackaged stuff in places like Colorado and have found it to be really good stuff.
    The sign outside stated "The world's best jerky" so I decided to stop and give it a try. Verdict? I think they're right. Best I've ever had with tons of choices. They make it all right there.

    With some great beef jerky packed away, it was time to hit route 541 and 40 out of Longview. Just the way Rinty had suggested. When you plan these trips looking at maps, all you really see are lines on paper. It's not until you get there that the scope of the area really hits you. I never knew what was coming next, but this was truly a great run heading into Banff.

    I believe this was the beginning of The Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

    Typical traffic the whole way up here.

    I just wasn't believing what each turn had up ahead and remembered looking at lines on a map at my kitchen table months before. This was a jaw dropping road.

    One of our members from Colorado had posted a ride report of this area back in the spring and his photos were the motivation for me taking this trip to view the Canadian Rockies first hand. I believe he had a shot of this mountain so I took these shots.

    This was a common sign throughout this area so I tried to stay vigilant.

    Sure enough I finally spot one just walking down the middle of the road like he worked there. I had plenty of time to slow down and get a shot of the bewildered guy slowly crossing the road.

    I love this shot. I took this after I passed the guy by just aiming the camera backwards over my shoulder and hoping for the best. Kind of held it in second gear, shot over my shoulder and put the camera away to be see what I got later.


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    Part 3 Continued

    Got to see one of these the next day as well.

    What a day. What a road. Temperature was about high 60's that day. Still that green colored water everywhere.

    Finally made it into Banff late afternoon and realized I really wasn't up for riding much further that day plus I didn't have any reservations. Decided to make an effort to find a place for the night. Found this place and the guy at the front desk went out of his way to get me a nice room at a good price. Slept great that night and enjoyed walking around Banff to find some dinner.

    All the major hotels seemed to be confined to this one street:

    The architecture there was something between "Mountain" and "European". Loved this place under construction down the street. I'd take it for sure !!

    More of the style in Banff:

    Just a few blocks to downtown. If you walked down the street here you will hear no less than five languages on every block. This was a major tourist destination for Europe and Asia. I felt like a minority here. The town is extremely clean. I would say it's only problem is it has become so popular that there is an overload of commercial retailers and it was getting crowded. This place ought to be a killer destination after Labor day.

    The downtown streets were under construction so much traffic getting detoured.

    Finally headed out the following morning for Jasper.

    Those warning signs weren't kidding. This guy had a blue tag through his ear so I guess he was on some one's list somewhere.

    This should have been the best shot as he was standing there with a beautiful side profile. By the time I got the camera ready to shoot, he bent over to start grazing and give us the mooning shot. Sorry about that.

    Continuing on I had no idea how cold it was going to get here. I ended up adding layers and riding with a full rain suit for the next two days. The good news is every time it started raining, I didn't have to pull over and do the Chinese fire drill for once in my life.

    I was definitely a long way from Dallas now.

    To be continued:

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    Wow x2.

    My son is going to school in Kelowna BC at the end of this month, and you got my mapping disease flaring up!!!!

    Incredible scenery, and I really could use some upscale jerky. Love the stuff.

    Sig? What's a Sig?

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    dallas and onwards

    Hey Randy, I'm happy that you're enjoying my roads. Too bad we couldn't get together for a pop or two in Canmore, on your way through. We've been away for a few days hiking the high rocks, so I'll have to catch up on episodes 1 and 2 in the next day or so. Ride safe, and we're enjoying your reports.


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