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Thread: Dallas to Jasper and British Columbia Part 2

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    Dallas to Jasper and British Columbia Part 2

    Coming down the north side of the Blue Tooth Pass heading for Red Lodge was just amazing. This area had been wiped out by heavy spring floods and mud slides just a couple of years ago so much of this road is new and updated to protect from future mud slides. The road was pretty much all new the whole way to Red Lodge.

    The town of Red Lodge was a big surprise. I had envisioned a small run down town in the middle of nowhere and found it to be quite charming and probably a great place to live or retire. The red building down the street is the hotel Pollard which just had an eight million dollar renovation. Things are good in Red Lodge.

    This converted old theater had every kind of candy imaginable inside.

    Rode to Livingston, MT that night and in the morning it was time to say goodbye to my HD rental buddies and continue north to east Glacier.
    Rode for almost two hours in the morning on Route 89 and saw just a few cars coming my way the whole morning.

    Stopped for lunch in Choteau, MT (pronounced Chodoh by the locals) at the Log Cabin Cafe. Those were all real flowers outside.

    Finally the border late afternoon with only a tour bus ahead of me to enter Canada.

    Spent the night in Waterton on the lake. The famous hotel here on the hill is the Prince of Wales hotel. The most photographed hotel in the world. Built around 1937. I stayed in the town on the lake. One of my best stops and stay the entire trip. My only mistake was not to stay longer.

    Inside the lobby during high tea. I can't believe I asked these folks if they minded if I took a picture of their fare. They actually got a kick out of it and said to remind everyone there was a lot more stuff when they started.

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    Part 2, continued

    View out back of the Prince of Wales hotel. The reason for the haze was due to forest fires miles away.

    The town below is where I stayed for the night. The stillness of the air and the surroundings were down right magical. I know I'll come back to this place again for sure.

    Looking up from the town below:

    People were sitting outside everywhere.

    My hotel, The Waterton Lakes Lodge, was more like a condo with easy access for my bike. Loved staying there. The town is tiny so you can walk everywhere.

    Even the old cars were in good shape. That's an old SAAB for those unsure.

    My morning stroll. Something I'll never forget.

    Folks having breakfast outside their trailers.

    This area should be taken in when visiting Glacier National Park on the US side.
    It's only about 60 miles north.

    End of Part 2

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    Beautiful pictures!! I rodepretty much the same rout in the summer of 2000. Two buddies and I rode from Houston/DFW up to Alaska and back. It truly was a life changing experience!!

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    In a word, "WOW"!
    Have to make it up there someday.
    Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

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    Part 2


    I park in exactly the same spot when I stop at the Log Cabin in Choteau, usually on my way to or back from, the Beartooth Rendezvous. I go in and talk crops with the locals while having brunch. They're a friendly bunch.

    Did you ride up to Cameron Lake when you visited Waterton? It's a nice twisty road, and the lake is the trailhead for the most spectacular hike I have ever done: the Carthew - Alderson. But it's hard to hike while bike touring. That'll have to be for your next visit.


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