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    Motorcycle Shipping

    I just wondered if anyone else out there has had any experience shipping a motorcycle across country. I recently bought an old airhead with sidecar off ebay and am trying to get it shipped. At this point I am not sure I picked the right shipper. Any info, insight or related stories are welcome. Thanks!

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    I used Fun Transport (, they were very good and fast and professional. It came out to be about the same amount of money as I would have paid for gas, meals, hotels. They work with Allied and Federal also. Very fast and very good for me

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    I used Federal/Allied when I shipped a bike from Idaho to Michigan. Good experience. Not the cheapest but competetive. They came recommended...

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    I hit the web for motorcycle shippers and had a few quotes. I picked one company that shipps thru Allied and their website sounded good and I talked to the shipper and he assured me they ship Urals with sidecars all the time. Him and their website describe in detail how they pull up with a liftgate truck, pick the bike up off the ground into the truck and tie it securely to a pallet. From there it may be off loaded and loaded as needed by a forktruck and when it gets to the destination a reverse process. There rate was a little higher then some of the other ones that just roll the bike into and enclosed trailer and tie it down.

    I chose them...although higher rate as Allied is a big name and all sounded good.

    Now reality..... They send a truck out to the pick up point that is barely wide enuff for the bike and side car and way too small a liftgate to pick it up with. In order to get it loaded and shipped I had to have the seller call a flatbed tow truck ($100+) to pick it up so they could load it in thie truck. I had to reimburse him for that. OK that ordeal is over.

    A couple weeks later and to be fair, a week earlier than estimated, the driver calls and says he will deliver on Monday if he can fit it on the next load. Great!! I have access to a forktruck or loading dock to off load as it will not fit on his lift we go again. The good side is I am in a rural area and a neighbor about 1/2 mile away has an agri-busness and a pole barn with a loading dock. The were able to roll my "un-palleted" bike off the truck and into his barn where it stayed for a few days. Of course the battery is dead and the bike would not start and I am out of town untill the weekend.

    My wife...the brave soul she is....drove our lawn tractor the 1/2 mile over there with a neighbors kid. They used our horses lead rope and towed the sidecar rig home for me so it was there when I got home.

    If I ever have to go through that again...I will lean toward the company with the enclosed trailer!


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    I have used Federal/Allied numerous times to ship motorcycles around the U.S., including, most recently, one with an attached sidecar.

    I have always been satisfied and will use it again.
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    I can only add to the positive comments about Federall/Allied. I just had a K1200LT shipped from NJ to WI and the service was great, affordable and fast.
    I would use them anytime again.

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    Allied, not cheap, but good. Would use them again.

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    Here's a tip on Federal/Allied. They generally charge more ($60 IIRC) to pick up and drop off at a residence. If a dealer on either end is amenable, you can use them or, even better, I found you can make arrangements to drop off or pick up at a warehouse, if there is one in your area. Not one here in Las Vegas unfortunately, but I once went to the warehouse in Denver to pick up my Triumph.

    I'm a bit of a worrier. So it was great that this not only saves some money, but allows YOU to load/off-load your own bike. At least it did me in Denver.

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    Thumbs up I've used Keyboard twice

    once from Max BMW and from Salt Lake City to Orlando.Best price and excellent service.BMW uses them.

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    Go to u-bid off of e-bay, you basically enter where the bike is and its destination then bidders quote for teh job. Workd pretty good

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    When I took Lee Parks's course this company was mentioned as a good shipper:

    A year later I had to ship an R1150RS from Houston to Delaware, so I chose them. They did an excellent job at reasonable rates.

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    I used Yellow Freight to ship a dualsport 650 from South Bend,Indiana to Anchorage, Alaska. The bike was crated and the cost was $.90 per pound. One advantage the LTL truck lines offer is scheduling. If you use Federal/Allied Van Lines, the bike may sit for a while at a terminal before a truck is available to take it. Yellow was 2 weeks and you could track the shipment progress daily. I shipped it freight collect to their terminal in Anchorage and paid the freight bill when I picked it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swall View Post
    If you use Federal/Allied Van Lines, the bike may sit for a while at a terminal before a truck is available to take it. Yellow was 2 weeks and you could track the shipment progress daily.
    In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they're not.

    I've used Federal/Allied four or five times and never had it take longer than week. Most times it's 3-4 days. (Admittedly, mostly west coast stuff)

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    Check out Forward Air

    Have used Forward Air and found them responsible and fairly priced.

    Forward Air

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