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    Thumbs up cee bailey's plug

    I told 'em I would, so here I go....unless the moderator tells me I can't plug them. And I have no idea which area of the forum might be most apropos.
    I have no connection whatsoever to the company.

    Bought a set of bag liners from Cee Baileys in anticipation of a trip. One of the zippers failed on the very first try at re-closing it. Called them and said, "I'm leaving tomorrow, can I just use the bag for a few days and then return it?" "Sure. Good idea," said Jose. Got home and called again for an RTV #, and Jose said they'll just send a replacement and I should keep the 'bad' one. It's not worth it to them to return the bag.

    Just to be completely honest, imho, the zippers aren't exactly the sturdiest under the sun, but they seem like they'll probably last for some time with anything other than rough treatment. The bags themselves work exactly as you might expect.

    Pretty darned good customer service, I'd say. You go, Cee Bailey's!

    also, anyone want a free right side R1100RT bag? you pay shipping
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    Always good to hear a nice report
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    I like mine.

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