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Thread: waterproof roady xt?

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    waterproof roady xt?

    So I talked my wife into letting me have her Delphi Roady XT out of her car for my bike!

    Now I want to mount it so that it is secure and waterproof. I have my iPod in an Aqua case which I love. Of course there isn't a size that fits my Delphi. So now what? I know the easy thing would be to slip it in the map pocket of my tank bag but I want something secure/ lockable/ waterproof (at least for rain)/ and allows me to use the conrtrols.

    Before I end up making my own, does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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    Check out They have RAM monts and rain covers and pretty much anything else you'd need. Dave's installed a Roady on his R1200RT and a SkyFi on my R1200CL with this stuff, and we're very happy with it.
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    I had just placed a ziploc bag over mine and secured the base with a rubber band...not much of a fashion statement but it kept it dry and in the rain nobody seems to care about the fashion of a bike

    Also I have taken Saran wrap and wrapped it around the radio to enable me to easily see and operate the buttons...again a couple of storms never phased it.

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    Ditton on I have their raincover and it works like a charm, even in the heaviest downpours.

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