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Thread: Q:Painting an F650 CS

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    Q:Painting an F650 CS

    My wife sat on one at the rally and for her short little legs it fit her quite nicely. The problem I face is that she has her heart set on an orange or yellow one. Lately I've seen blue, grey, and black for sale but not her color, at least nothing close enough for us to check out.
    So how hard is to paint one of these? As in removing the factory painted pieces. It looks like there are not that many. If I could take them off and run them down to my favorite painter and have them adorned with her color we'd both be happy!
    Any help and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Jeff Sanders

    '07 R1200 GS Adv

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    Painting a CS

    I have a F650CS and I suggest you have it painted by someone who does bikes such a Bob Wark in Marietta, OH (The Wark Shop) or Holt BMW in Athens, OH. I have no commercial relationship with either shop).

    There are some plastic parts that might be easily damaged by the wrong paint. Also, some plastic parts contact painted parts and the wrong paint could cause problems. Although I haven't taken them off, I believe most of the painted parts come off quite easily if you don't paint the frame. You will need a set of TORX wrenches including the security type with a hole in the middle.

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