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Thread: To buy or not to buy K1100RS

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    Question To buy or not to buy K1100RS

    I need some advice on a 96' k1100rs. I am going to go look at the bike tomorrow and possibly purchase it. I spoke w/ the seller today and the seller's mechanic. It has been going into the same shop sink 20k, it now has 57k. Mechanic spoke well of the bike, but did say it has never been opened for a spline lube nor has the clutch ever come out.
    Is there anything I should be looking for or other questions I should ask the mechanic's shop?
    Oh, he is asking 5,500$, sound fair? It has all bags including the top bag for the rear and new tires.
    I have 87 K75C so I am familiar w/ the k family, but what changes can I expect moving to this more powerful machine.
    Thanks! Derek

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    I moved from an '88 K75S to a '95 K1100RS.

    The K11 will be much, much more powerful than the K75. It will not be as nimble, but much more stable (especially on uneven pavement.) The ABS will take a bit to get used to, but you will come to love it unless you do a lot of riding on dirt/gravel roads. The K11 will put off heat from under the tank (great in cold weather, sucks in traffic in hot weather.) The K11 is much more formidable on the highway, with better weather protection and less buffeting. Lastly, it is just as easy to work on, but think about upgrading the rear shock and front springs. All in all I loved the K11.

    As for the spline lube, for $5,500 you should insist the FULL spline service is included in the price, it is overdue for it. Make sure to ping Paul Glaves or Don Eilenberger for what spline lube to use - don't let them use the BMW red stuff! Check the service records carefully, some things like brake fluid, steering heads and the like are often overlooked. If it is due for a valve adjust try to get that included too, you have to buy the buckets for each that needs adjusting, they are not cheap. Lastly, make sure it includes the complete oem tool roll and ask if it includes a Multivario tankbag.

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    To BUY!

    After a soggy test ride in the Houston rain and humidity I made an offer and it was accepted! I talked him down to 4,800 and he is throwing in all of his 'stuff' (charger, cover, bag liners, extra visors, etc) as well. He is getting out of motorcycles completely. I have already made plans for a trip next weekend to the Ozark mountains I will make a new post w/ some general questions. Thanks for your response, it made a difference in how I approached the sale!

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