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Thread: What electronic gadgets are on your bike?

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    i really like my garmin because i'm an investigator and have to find specific addresses. I just put it in and the prompts get me right where I need to go. I have mounts in both my car and on the bike and use sound suppressing ear buds on the bike. I have loaded most of the NE United States onto a card I can add to the unit which gives me every street in PA, VA, DC Maryland, WVA, Delaware, NY and MA. I also have an mp3 player on the unit which allows me to download music from my computer, it also serves as an address book, and note pad. The only drawback us that the IQ 3600 is not waterproof so i don't use it on the bike in the rain. This doesn't mean I still don't like maps, I do as well as just wondering around lost on purpose.

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    Electronic add-ons

    • XM Roady2 with a Hoon mount (on the brake fluid reservoir)

    • Caliper-mounted MotoLites

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    I have the 06 K 1200 GT and only use my Ipod in my tank bag. I'm hoping to pur a XM radio on it soon. Anyone have any pics on the new GT for XM please post pics!!!

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    Just a few on my R1150R:

    Beltronics radar
    Garmin Street Pilot III
    Olympus 4 gig mp3
    Cobra GMRS/FRS
    Cell phone
    Motocomm AM1
    Outlet for my gerbings
    LED tail lights
    front and rear running lights
    Fog Lights

    to name a few

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    Thumbs up Garmin 60Cx

    XM in the tankbag

    Garmin 60Cx with a 1 gig card on the bars.
    I've been using the 60Cx and City Select V7 for a couple of weeks. This small unit rocks !!!!!


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    Easy answer here. None, zip, nada, nothing.

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    Gadget Freaks. "Hello I'm Bill and I'm a......"

    So easy to get too much stuff.

    I like the "hidden" stuff: The Kissan Signal Minder and the amber bulbs...Butt I tend toward the rediculous. Trying for minimalism on this bike.

    I know I'll "need" the XM. So I went with the XM2go so I can forget the power cord and antenna.

    During the clean up, it looks like this:
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    Talking A Guy's got to have some gadgets..... I "really need" this. And I use a strange box in between the ear plugs and both XM and detector (which is run by a 9V battery) so I can hear the bleeps when the Valentine "bogies".

    Naturally, I use the only ear plugs that make sense....YMMV, butt shouldn't. 8^)
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    Not a lot of electronics really, but what I have functions well:

    1. Garmin GPS III+
    2. Garmin Streetpilot III
    3. Valentine 1
    4. Motolights
    5. Pilot pencil beam driving lights.
    6. Not electronic - Jaz 3 Gallon Econorail Fuel Cell
    7. Power Outlets: BMW Accessory Plug, 2 ASA 2-pole for GPSs, 1 ASA 2 pole for Warm'nSafe Heatroller jacket controller, 1 for V1, one ASA 2 pole spare, one lighter style outlet inside the top-box for phone, laptop, etc.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    A Voltmeter!

    Quote Originally Posted by BradfordBenn View Post
    So what have you added to yours?
    The most important and useful gadget of them all....a voltmeter wired directly to the battery. Its one of the reasons why I never seem to have battery issues.

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    Garmin Zumo 550 w/ XM antenna
    PIAA driving lights.
    2009 R1200GS

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    On the R60?

    I've got a 1959 R60. What do you think I got for 'lectronics? Ever heard of a 6 volt 60 watt electrical system with 55 watts used when the lights are on having added 'lectronics? Hell there aren't any extra electrons! The wind and scenery are the music and art of life at 50mph behind the Earles forks and I'm riding to ride and only care that I picked the road with no traffic and no straight segments. I'm not going anywhere so I don't need a GPS and I don't want to get back home by the fast road. I find if I ride with the sun mostly on my left then home will be there when I ride a while with the sun mostly on my right. Works most of the time. Even numbered roads go East or West and odd numbered roads go North or South.
    Happy rides in the new year.
    Peace would be good too.... it's way underrated.
    2002 F650GS, 1998 R1100R 75th anniversary edition, 1983 R80RT (just sold), 1959 R60 (in restoration), Honda CT90
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    Current farkle list...

    Front to back:

    Headlight protector (Cee Bailey or equivalent)
    HID upgrade to headlights
    Windscreen (CalSci)
    Hi Power LED Driving lamps (Clearwater Krista's)
    RT-P Fan kit (BMW)
    GS stalk mirrors with stick on convex mirrors.
    Wunderlich Vario bar back / risers.
    GPS (Garmin)
    GPS Mount (Wunderlich)
    Oil Cooler guard (Wunderlich)
    Engine guards (BMW GS aluminum head protection and Wunderlich hoops)
    Rear sidecase guards (Wunderlich)
    Custom seat (Kontour)
    Fuzeblocks switching fuseblock.
    Top Case Rack (Wunderlich)
    Hyper-Lite dual 16-led brake light set.

    Tires: Pilot Road 3's
    Intercom: Autocom Super Pro-Avi wired setup.


    Clearwater voltage monitor
    Stiebel air horn
    Interface from bike audio to Autocom

    yea.. I am a geek
    Doug, 2011 R1200RT Polar Metallic
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    Quote Originally Posted by BradfordBenn View Post
    BMW Riders don't change pipes, they add electronics. So what have you added to yours?

    Mine has...

    1. Garmin GPS V on a RAM Mount, connected to a custom installed dash accesory socket
    2. Hyperlights on the rear for visibility
    3. CD Player Power Supply from the "Radio" area
    4. Hopefully soon an AutoCom system

    My poor old K only has the electronics that came with it. But it has a wonderful LOUD pipe. I really don't fit in here
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