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Thread: What electronic gadgets are on your bike?

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    Question What electronic gadgets are on your bike?

    Over in the Club Forum, there is a thread about interesting encounters people have had - the crux being loud pipes. BMWRich58 pointed out that BMW Riders don't change pipes, they add electronics. So what have you added to yours?

    Mine has...

    Garmic[list=1][*]Garmin GPS V on a RAM Mount, connected to a custom installed dash accesory socket[*]Hyperlights on the rear for visibility[*]CD Player Power Supply from the "Radio" area[*]Hopefully soon an AutoCom system[/list=1]


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    Garmin GPS III+ (velcroed to the triple tree, but a RAM mount will be ordered soon)
    ESCORT 8500 (suction mounted to windscreen)
    Chatterbox HJC-50 (helmet mounted)
    Sony sports radio (in tank bag for local riding)
    Sony CD player (in tank bag for longer rides)
    BMW Heated vest

    Bruce F
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    '16 R1200GSA
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    BMW R1150RTP (autobahnpolizei)

    On the latest bike that I am building which is a replica of the German Autobahn polizei bike it will have the following electronics:

    1. Sony CDX-MP70 (radio, CD, MP3 capable)
    2. Sony Marine remote (for radio, etc.)
    3. Delphi XM SkyFi (satellite radio)
    4. Nokia waterproof GSM phone (5100)
    5. Yaesu VX7R (waterproof scanner, ham radio)
    6. Valentine V1 (remote mounted, waterproof)
    7. Valentine V1 (hidden display and audio)
    8. Garmin mount for either GPS V or GPS III+
    9. Code 3 Police LEDs w/power supply (qty 4)
    10. Whelen PAR36E (emergency strobes)
    11. Baehr Ultima XL - communication system
    12. Uniden BCT-12 police scanner
    13. Apple iPod (waterproof mounted)
    14. CO-220 rear telescopic strobe w/light
    15. Hella HID driving and fog lights (one ea.)
    16. electronically monitored tire pressure
    17. run-n-lites (manually controllable w/switch)
    18. headlight flasher (man. control switch)

    That's it for now. I might eventually have a front/rear Stalker VG2 radar gun and/or one or two other things but that's it for now.

    As for my other bikes they're fairly plain except for the F650's which all have either the Touratech IMO-100Rs or the IMO50Rs and motorized roadbooks.

    David H. Park
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    Re: BMW R1150RTP (autobahnpolizei)

    Originally posted by davidhpark
    On the latest bike that I am building which is a replica of the German Autobahn polizei bike it will have...

    David H. Park
    You forgot the keg of beer. All German Autobahn polizei bikes recently got this option.
    They're a happier bunch and not handing out as many slow driving tickets.

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    Ok, I'll play...
    On the K
    V1 (Ram mount)
    GPS V (Ram mount))

    On the GS
    V1 (Ram Mount)
    GPS V (Touratech mount, after I killed in with a Ram off road)

    That's it for electronics. Now if we're talking gadgets and accessories, that's another story


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    Garmin StreetPilot (monochrome) on a ram mount with a home made bracket to hold the GPS unit and an additional power socket for it.

    I carry my laptop in the right case and have a power socket in there to recharge its battery.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
    2008 K1200GT, 2009 F800GS
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    Autocom ProM1
    Garmin StreetPilot III
    Passport 8500 (will be going to a V1 in the future)
    Delphi SkyFi
    Apple iPod
    Kenwood FRS
    Nokia 6360

    Note: Passport and SP III mounted on RCU Shelf (but will pick CoPilot from BMR Products next time)

    I can run the most of the stuff (iPod, SP III, Delphi) on my Autocom AVM on my K1200RS (actually, it's the one my wife never lets me ride because she won't go buy her own bike)

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    I've added these electric/electronic items to my r1200c
    • Garmin eMap on a RAM mount
      Voltage indicator light
      Small AM/FM radio
      AutoCom Pro M1 intercom
      Compaq iPaq
      Headlight modulator
      Taillight modulator
      Lite-Buddies inside rear turn signals
      LED strips above and below license plate
      Gerbings connection for heated clothing

    and of course, the ubiquitous cell phone.

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    My BMW has absolutely no added electronics / electrics. I don't have any desire to add any either, though I may add a pigtail for my heated vest, but maybe not (I usually am on the Hayabusa when I use the vest, so its wired). Oh, the exhaust on the BMW F-650 is not stock, the canister "fell off" and it's pretty loud.

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    For my 1150gs:
    I admit to having a streetpilot III color on a Touratech bar mount. (I try not bringing it on sat am rides - sick of the jokes about getting lost 20 miles from home etc.)
    I added an additional BMW power socket (aka Adventure)
    on the left side faring. Also PIAA's on a CBT oil cooler grill thingie with euro- switch.

    Thinking about autocom proM1 for me and passenger. Waiting for
    more comments from other users.

    And that's enough electric do-dads for me to worry about.


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    Euro headlight switch
    Additional accessory outlets
    PIAA 510s on EMP brackets
    LED brake light enhancement
    Run'n'Lites in front
    Passport 7500
    H.A.R.D. helmet annunciator system for Passport
    *this really works. Worth the $150, in my opinion
    Garmin StreetPilot ColorMap

    coming: heated grips, intercom system (maybe Autocom)


    Euro headlight switch
    Additional accessory outlets
    Run'n'Lites in front
    Extra sidecar lighting
    Mount for Garmin GPS (see above)
    Heated grips

    coming: mount for Passport & H.A.R.D.; intercom system
    Tim Colburn #3842
    Park Forest, IL
    Website manager,

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    OMG, I've never listed all of them out before... Maybe the wife is right!??!

    Here's what I have (so far) for the LT:

    1. Priority Plus brake modulator that uses the stock turn signals as running lights.
    2. Kisan brake modulator for the rack LED brake light. (2 brake modulators are of different makes and flash out of synch. Probably will get rear-ended by someone who's had a seizure from looking at them!)
    3. Motolights switched w/ Autoswitch on turn signal cancel.
    4. Escort 7500 radar detector (hard wired) and HARD transmitter mounted on RCU shelf.
    5. HARD receiver in helmet (strobes red LED in peripheral vision when radar detector goes off) VERY COOL in the twisties! Got it directly from Aaron at
    6. Garmin GPS V on RCU shelf.
    7. 2 Pryme headsets and harnesses for Kenwood FRS radios.
    8. BMW heated vest
    9. Sony P5 digital camera (once I get the RAM camera base mount and EXPENSIVE Sony waterproof housing) mounted on Cyclegadgets RAM mount in unused, right mirror hole.
    10. Low beam HID kit from Raffy on K12LT site. (best upgrade BY FAR)

    Under consideration:
    Bob's running lights
    PIAAs mounted under oil cooler switched w/ standard Autoswitch on HI/LOW beam switch.
    Voltage meter
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    I have: fog lights
    Chatterbox CB w/ AM/FM

    I have a StreetPilot I would like to mount, but I haven't decided how to mount it on my '97K11LT. Any suggestions? I would love to mount a shelf.


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    Originally posted by LTrider
    I have: fog lights
    Chatterbox CB w/ AM/FM

    I have a StreetPilot I would like to mount, but I haven't decided how to mount it on my '97K11LT. Any suggestions? I would love to mount a shelf.

    Here's a start:

    GPS mounting thread
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

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    1. Garmin 12Map, soon to be replaced with a recently purchased Garmin 176.

    2. AirRider. (cheaper autocom)

    3. Motorola T6300 Talkabout.

    4. Valentine V1.

    5. Motolights.

    6. PIAA 1100s w/ez mount (under oil cooler)

    7. Light Buddies.

    8. Kisan Tailblazer.

    9. Kisan headlight modulator.

    Soon to come - Ipod.

    Wasn't riding a lot simpler once?

    "The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see."

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