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Thread: Piaa or similar for 1200 GSA

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    Piaa or similar for 1200 GSA

    I shot the breeze with a guy from NY that was riding "my bike" but tricked out pretty cool. He had Piaa HI? lights on the bike plus HI light replacement for the headlamp.

    Any thoughts on these for night riding? I am getting older and realize how many times I have been lucky to not connect with deer, raccoons, buffalo, etc. that come out of the dark from the ditch into my path. So any suggestions as to what brand, model and where to find them?????? Is standard wiring power supply enough????

    Help me out if you can brother riders. Thanks.

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    Hella FF-50

    I used Hella FF-50 on my R12GS as they use the same H-7 bulb as the stock hi & lo bulb. Only need one spare to cover the 4 lights.
    The lights were only about $80.00 on or ebay.
    The light bar cost more than the lights. I used the GMT moto mounts from $150.00. The GMT puts the lights in tighter to the fender than the other mounts, which equals protection in a fall.

    The FF50's give plenty of light to light up the road for my 70 year old eyes.
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    Check out Lightforce. I was impressed with their choices and prices. I run PIAA's 1100 and 1000X on my LT and GS in that order .
    I just got back from a trip on the Alcan and Cassiar Hwys, the Kenai and other areas where fog and weather affect visibility. The vast majority of big rigs were running Lightforce equipment. That told me something. It is worth the time to check them out. Just my 2cents.
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