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    Driver Training

    This was my first National Rally, I was very impressed. Everthing seemed to run smoothly from showers to the closing ceremonies. However there was several times where the individual behind the wheel of the golf cart was not aware of the pedestrians and more in tune to talking to the individual seated next to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Rihn-Manke View Post
    Thanks for noticing that. The exceptional job of removing garbage before anything overflowed was thanks to the Madison BMW Club, and the fairgrounds staff.

    I was very impressed on the garbage detail. The cans were visited several times a day.

    I did notice a lot more carts this year, many wandering through the Sherpa village, usually with interest trying to figure out why all the coleman tents were all lined up. No bad experiences with the carts this year from my perspective anyway. It's easier to reach out to the Rally staff/volunteers by flagging down a cart rolling by somewhere.

    A few of my customer's gear were delivered right to their tents by very patient gofers.

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    Believe it of not, they even let PETE drive one!

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    Actually, no they didn't. It was an unauthorized excursion.
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    Where is "Pete", who is "Pete", and what did "Pete" do that required the rude waking of hundreds of people??????????????????

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    We are letting this one pass. It's time to move on. There is nothing to see here.
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    Ever since John Coons got an EZ-GO out of the Wabasha County impound lot and brought it to the Hiawatha rally, I have been a fan of golf carts at rallies. Do you have any idea how well they can off-road? They glide right over fallen logs. I hear they now have lift kits available. I want one.

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    There's a lot near me that sells carts already set up with lift kits and big knobby tires. Some even have custom paint.
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