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Thread: hard wiring zumo to battery

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    hard wiring zumo to battery

    Anyone have any advice on hardwiring the Zumo to the power?

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    Depends on the model bike. If you are lucky you can find some switched power up front. On my GT I picked up power from the running rights which are switched.

    Seems like overkill going directly to the battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH View Post
    ...Seems like overkill going directly to the battery.
    Can actually be quite useful not to have it switched, if you like to fiddle with it at stops without turning on the ignition. Its current draw is so small it's never caused a problem on either of my bikes. YMMV

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    my 2610 is hardwired to my v-strom (not the rt). as long as it's fused you s/b ok.

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    Mine's straight to the battery--the only way to fly IMHO.

    On the 1200s, it's a good idea to stay away from the CANBUS. That aside, if it's switched, the unit will shut off every time you start the bike. It takes about a minute for it to come on and sometimes several minutes to draw the map. In the case of the Zumo, if it is switched, it will ask if you want it to run on auxiliary power when you shut down. Needless to say, you'll forget at least sometimes.

    I leave mine on when I shut off the bike for hours at a time. It appears to draw almost nothing from the battery.

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    As a followup:

    I have 2 airheads with the standard charging system (no upgrades). Would it be a big deal to hardwire a Zumo or other GPS directly to the battery on a standard (280 watt) airhead?

    Also, I assume that you're using an inline fuse on the positive side. What amperage would be suggested? I'm assuming that you're really just trying to protect the GPS.
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    The Zumo comes with everything you need to hard wire to the battery including an in line fuse, you don't need another. You do need appropriately sized connectors to crimp onto the wires. Solder is recommended. Check out the following site for great Zumo specific info, including a whole section on installation.

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    Hi, I've wired my Quest from the switched power in the headlamp on my R90/6.

    There is also unswitched power available in the headlamp, you could use that instead of running to the battery.......Rod.
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    If you have a Hexhead, the bike has a dedicated power and data circuit for GPS units. You only need to order the "repair cable" to make the connection. If you do not have one of the BMW-branded Streetpilot and Zumo units, ignore the data wire.

    See the thread in the hexhead forum.

    I used the dedicated GPS circuit. GPS powers up immediately, and shuts down when CAN-bus shuts down about a minute after ignition is turned off.

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    Touratech sells kits to hardwire the Zumo mount to the bike.

    For those of you not familiar with these folks, the specialize in dual-sport/off road riding/racing. Their store in Seattle has about a half dozen GS's parked inside with all manner of product on them. Nice people to deal with.
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