One of our brothers in New Zealand, Peter Barnett, sent me the following
email. I referred him to Vech, and Peter has apparently emailed him,
but I thought I'd put this on the Vintage Forum in case someone knows of an R62 engine out there. If you do, or if you have a suggestion, send it on to Peter at:


>> Bill,
>> The main focus is finding the R62 engine or engine parts at present The
>> bike has the correct frame and gearbox to go with the R62 engine. The
>> R12
>> engine currently fitted is in need of an overhaul.
>> I am trying to decide whether to repair the R12 engine which needs a
>> full
>> rebuild, or wait for the correct R62 engine and spend my money
>> rebuilding that. Once I have the correct engine I will assess what other
>> parts are required. I would appreciate any club listing that might help
>> in
>> my search.
>> Thanks for your reply,
>> Best regards
>> Peter.