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Thread: Track day at Spokane?

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    Track day at Spokane?

    There is a 2.5-mile road course about 20 minutes from the Spokane fairgrounds National Rally site which is used for motorcycle and sports car racing. The track has been updated in the last 5-7 years, so its up-to-date from a safety and pavement perspective. Plus, it ought to be hot and dry during the rally, which would be perfect.

    I remember that the track day during the Trenton event was hugely popular, and am wondering if anyone else is interested in something like this.
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    Thumbs up track day!!

    I was lucky enough to participate in the track day at Trenton and count it as one of the greatest days in my motorcycling history. In the latest BMW Owners News I noticed that the subject of a racing class was discussed and it sounds as if there are a few riding schools anxious to get involved. Trenton was a free ride (thanks to BMW! ) but I got the impression from the meeting minutes that this time we'll have to pay for instruction. Probably not a bad thing if it's a quality school. I assume we'll hear more about this at the rally web site but if anyone has any inside info let us know!

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