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Thread: GPS mount for r1200rt

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    GPS mount for r1200rt

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what the best mount for a zumo 550 to the r1200rt is

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    There are quite a few solutions for mounting your GPS. It depends on if you prefer to mount it high or low. I use a BMR shelf which also allows room for a few other gadgets. There is also the Migel mount, the Touratech mounts, the Gadgetguy mounts and several others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gkippyg View Post
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what the best mount for a zumo 550 to the r1200rt is
    I went to the hardware store and got a u-bolt that was 1/2 inch longer so I could use the stock mount. I mounted it to the right handlebar. It works great and saved the extra money for my next accessory.


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    Zumo mout RT

    The best is the Touratech which it is mounted right in front of your eyes. Joe

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    I just completed a 5700 mile run to the Rally and the Zumo worked superbly. For mounting, I used the Garmin supplied hardware and mounted on the left handlebar. (No need for a larger U bolt either) It is close enough for me to read easily, the buttons are on the left, it is just high enough to be above the tank bag. Mounting close to the resevoir allows easy viewing of the speedo and other important dashboard stuff. No problem with any type of vibration either. On the right handlebar is the Quest. Power comes from an accessory plug that is installed on the flange just under the speedo.

    There is also a BMW accessory plug tied in one of the cable bundles at the front. I believe this was designed for those who decided on the the BMW Navigator GPS. Using this plug requires obtaining the mate from your local BMW dealer.

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    I don't have a radio - so I mounted my GPS on the dash in front of the speaker grill.

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    Touratech strongly recommended

    after reviewing all of the research done by boxergirrle (and later thanking her at the rally), I spent another six weeks researching possible mounts (It's great to be retired!); I can see no equal to the Touratech for proper position and a very high degree of security; this is said even after considering the relatively high price of the two units and the need to remove a lot of tupperware for the installation.

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