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Thread: R11RT Accessory Plugs info

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    R11RT Accessory Plugs info


    I have just come into a 1998 R11RT. The accessory plug on the dash is factory. The accessory plug by the left foot is MIA and has been replaced by some oddball jack of indeterminate purpose/design.

    I'm wondering: will the dash plug run Gerbings jacket/gloves with use of Gerbings thermostat? Or should I restore the lower plug?


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    Adam, I think those outlets are fused at 10amps, so a 99watt load for a Gerbing jacket and gloves should be fine. That said, I've never had a hotter set of heated grips than my R1100RT, so you may not need the heated gloves anyway.

    Also, fix the lower outlets. There is a double-outlet plate available from BMW with harness, and its handy to have.

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    If you get the dual accessory outlets that mount by the left side cover, keep in mind that based on the factory wiring, they are both routed to the same fuse. Some have connected one of them to a separate fuse to avoid frequent blown fuses when running with a high accessory load, like two up with heated liners.

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