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Thread: What we did at the rally

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    I've got some embarrassing photos from Camp Beers that involve some plastic pals and a certain yellow GS. Who was it that wanted copies to post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
    ..... It was really neat attending the ambassador dinner even if I was diaz's date.
    You make a lovely couple.

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    Dave, the guy driving the cart with Artis is Grant, also known as Xeroux at ADV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilot View Post
    Dave, the guy driving the cart with Artis is Grant, also known as Xeroux at ADV.


    If I'd remembered, I would have saluted him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa View Post
    It's OK to comment, you know.
    some nice pics, looks like you guys had a good time. I was out there but didn't have time to get down to the rally

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    What we did at the rally

    Dave, why are you standing in a manure pit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa View Post


    If I'd remembered, I would have saluted him.
    We really need to get this sorted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbasa View Post
    Their neighbors were either deaf or really good sports. One night, Friday, I think, there are 10 or 15 people standing around outside our trailer talking. It's cool, until one of the guys starts telling a story by yelling.

    I go outside and stand a couple feet away from them all. I ask them if they'd be kind enough to move 50 yards that way and I point. They're cool and apologetic and I go back to bed.

    Here's what I noticed at this rally: everybody was in the groove. No tension. No disgruntled campers. No angry hordes, just a bunch of folks hanging together and enjoying the scene.

    I'm on the same wavelength.

    I noticed this also that despite the heat and being uncomfortable, folks everywhere were being hospitable. This was my first rally and I felt like I knew all 7,000 of you personally.

    The only tension I witnessed was a guy telling another guy rather abruptly to put out a cigarette while in the crowd at the closing ceremony. I guess the smoke was bothersome. Well hell after those flame cars I think he couldn't even stand the heat from a lit cigarette!

    Thanks to all of you for a wonderful first rally! Hope to see you at more.

    Oh and Dave, this is a great story you are telling! Please continue...sorry for my interruption! Say hi to your grandma! That is touching and as I get older I can relate but I have no more elders left in my family to share with so cherish her!
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