Here's a likely duo. The woman on the left works in the small town I lived in in Mass. when I was in high school and the woman on the right is all of 5' tall and lives in Montreal. The woman on the left, whose name I've forgotten (sorry) has an F800ST and is in love with it. Nancy Lee, on the right, was riding a well used original Honda Hurricane 600. I was standing around, sharing a beer with Vince when they wandered up, complaining that the Honda wasn't running right.

I'm a Sled Dog and one of the Sled Dog traditions is Fix The Bike. If there's a busted piece of equipment, we're going to try and fix it. So, off we went, down to see the Honda. The bike is, in a word, used. It's got duct tape holding the fairing together. It's got a Canadian Tire rattle can paint job. But it's a Honda and it's still running pretty well. Except that after she put gas in it, it started running on three cylinders.

I have her start it and gas pours out on the ground. I check the pipes and #1 isn't running. We shut it off, peel off the duct tape and remove the bodywork. We start it again and look to see where the gas is coming from. It's gushing out of the top of the #1 carb, as I suspected. Shut the bike off and the gushing stops as the vacuum operated petcock shuts down the fuel flow.

It's got crud in the float needle. I drain the #1 float bowl and the crud comes out and the bike is happy again.

The Sled Dog tradition lives, but, more importantly, the motorcycle tradition lives. If you can, you help. If you can't, you try to find someone that can. It's what we do for each other, no matter the brand.