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Thread: 1978 R100/7 front brake

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    1978 R100/7 front brake

    Hello everyone, any advice on removing a frozen pin

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    Aerokroil and time... I believe a bolt from the bike (can't remember which one it is) can be screwed up into the middle of the eccentric pin. Then you can put something like an boxend wrench over the bolt head to give you something to beat on and use some dynamic shock loads to get the pin to release.
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    Bill Burke
    The allen head pinch bolt at the bottom of the fork tube will fit into the eccentric pin. Screw it in, then grab the head of the bolt with a vice grip and whack the vicegrip with a mallet. The e-pin should pop out. It's a crusty o-ring and gunk holding it in. Go to Napa and buy a little $1 packet of "brake grease". Clean the e-pin throughly including the cavity (using brake cleaner). Lather the pin up with the grease and reinsert. Now play with it to adjust your pads. Target: Even coverage of pads to disc and the outermost edge of the disc.

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    agreed. kroil or some other penetrant and patience will work best and cost the least.

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