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Thread: new riding apparel

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    new riding apparel

    Hi everyone,
    After a long, frustrating layoff from riding, I am finally preparing to use my R75/7 the way it was meant to be. I need informed opinions on what is considered the most useful riding suit for warm to late fall weather. My local riding will be in Michigan/Ohio area and I plan on trying to stay active through the late fall. Expected temperature ranges probably from 85+F to freezing (if no snow).
    I am overwhelmed by the choices out there and need some good advice. I guess I am prepared to pay up to about $500.00 for a suit, realizing this cuts out a good number of options. I prefer separates (jacket/pants). Any help is much appreciated.

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    Check out the Olympia AST jacket and Ranger2 pants. You might also want to check out RevIt but I am not sure they will fit in your budget.

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    Check out

    They've got good gear at fair prices. They provide great service, and have a good return policy. You can read their own reviews of the gear. You cannot get Aerostich or RevIt gear, but you can get Firstgear, Joe Rocket, and other decent brand names there.

    I've purchased 3 jackets, 2 pants, a couple of pair of gloves, and a helmet from these folks, and have always been satisfied.
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