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Thread: New to this all...need ideas

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    New to this all...need ideas

    My wife and I are now riding places (each on own bike) but there are a couple of things I ant to do that I'm not sure how it works.

    1. What stuff do we need to talk to each other while riding? I see some companies, but I'm not clear on what is exactly needed.

    2. I want to install a GPS on my R1200s, I've narrowed it to the Zumo 550, but again I'm not sure since there are so many options out there.

    Any and all advice is appreciated.

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    If you only want to talk to each other up to several hundred feet apart, I suggest checking out It is wireless and works great. If you want your GPS (or radio) to talk to you as well, then you will have to go with a wired up system.

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    Not so simple

    While this topic will not get the same spirited responses as motor oil and tires it can be just as complex.

    The Gold Wing people are masters at this sort of thing so check a couple of their webpages.

    Here is a good start.

    The days of CB radio seem to be dying except as a way to keep track of truckers and the LEO reports available there.

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    The Zumo 550 is a good choice for a GPS. I have had one for a couple of months and have been very pleased. It is BlueTooth capable and integrates my phone with my wired Autocom. My understanding is that it integrates music, phone, and voice directions with BlueTooth wireless intercoms. You might want to check out There is a tremendous amount of information available there.

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    Check out Autocom and Starcom1 systems. Both are bike mounted (can be tankbag mounted).

    I've got Autocom and love it. My husband has Starcom.

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    Autocom works great! I also have the Zumo connected to the autocom and it works good. Music volume could be a little louder but it's o.k. Volume talking to passenger and for GPS directions is fine. I not tried the bluetooth connection with the autocom but have read other threads that says it works good as well. The zumoforums link mentioned ealier was a great help to me. Check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrydk View Post
    I want to install a GPS on my R1200s, I've narrowed it to the Zumo 550, but again I'm not sure since there are so many options out there.
    Depends on your needs.

    The Zumo doesn't take commonly available rechargable AA batteries. If you plan to use it for hiking/camping where you'll be away from a power source, then you are out of luck with a battery life of a piddly 4 hours. Plus I stay away from anything proprietary ie: their removable Lithium Ion battery.

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    purchased the Zumo today. Hopefully will have it next week to try to figure out mounting options.

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