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Thread: final drive leak

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    final drive leak

    I have a R60/6, It has been sitting idle for about ten years. I have changed all of the fluids, and now I am getting a drip out the overflow hole in the bottom of the final drive. (next to the drain plug) I think it is the seal between the drive shaft and final drive unit. Any infomative information on replacing this seal?
    any information would be appreciated

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    It may not be leaking where you think it is..You can very easily [I did] overfill the drive shaft tunnel [if its the same as my R90/6] It takes a very small amount of oil..I kept checking my final drive and eventually it stopped leaking and the final drive level didn't ever go down

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    If the oil is leaking from the hole next to the rear drive drain plug, this indicates that the rear drive output side seal (rear wheel side) is kaput. A failure of the rear drive input seal between the driveshaft and rear drive is indicated by either an overfill of the rear drive or driveshaft when removing the respective fill plug. There is also a small drain hole near the axle nut, a leak here indicates failure of the seal on that side of the rear drive. It is not unusal to have seal leaks on a bike that has sat idle for a long time.

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