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Thread: Sad News for Pure Stodge and MOA

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    Missed a few things, this is from the courts webpage...

    State of Wisconsin vs. Darcy L. Schehr

    Dodge County Case Number 2007CF000245

    The Defendant was charged with the following offense:

    Statute Cite Description
    940.09(1)(a) Homicide by Intoxicated Use of Vehicle

    Severity Offense Date Plea
    Felony D 07-15-2007 No Contest on 02-05-2008

    On 02-05-2008 there was a finding of: Guilty Due to No Contest Plea

    On 05-20-2008 the following was ordered:

    State Prison - Imposed and Stayed 10 Years
    Extended Supervision 5 Years Imposed and stayed - All conditions of probation shall become conditions of extended supervision should probation be revoked

    License revoked 5 Years

    Probation, Sent Imposed 15 Years

    Jail Time 1 Years Consecutive with huber and transfer commencing on or before 6/1/08; Court orders NO ELECTRONIC MONITOR

    Community Service 1500 Hours Shall serve not less than 100 hours each year of supervision and shall be served at high schools, junior highs or VIP panels

    Ignition interlock 5 Years Shall be installed on any motor vehicle owned and/or operated by defendant commencing when defendant is allowed to obtain a valid driver's license

    Employment / School Must obtain/maintain full-time employment

    Psych Treatment Shall undergo and follow through with any counseling as directed by agent

    Prohibitions Defendant shall not consume alcohol or other intoxicants. Defendant must maintain absolute sobriety.

    Other Shall submit a DNA sample

    Alcohol assessment Shall undergo an AODA Assessment and follow through with any recommendations resulting therefrom; Shall attend an OWI Victim Impact Panel within 120 days of conviction

    Restitution Shall pay up to 25% of counseling fees not covered by insurance for victim's son until he turns 18; Shall pay tution/books/room & board for victim's son for 1 semester each year for 4 years at an amount equivalent to 1 semester at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, and shall be held open for 8 years from the date he graduates from high school

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    A horrible situation for which there was never a good outcome.

    The sentencing seems within reason to me, far tougher than what many have received for similar offenses.

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    I am plesantly surprised at the outcome.

    I really figured she would walk with minimum court supervision for a year.

    I know no sentence could restore what his family has lost and I can in no way understand the depth of their sorrow. I hope that they can find some justice and peace.

    Our sympathy continues to go out to them.
    Ride Well

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    I read the article in the Milwauke Journal this morning. I especially like the quote from her attorney where he called it a "fluke accident". Unbelievable. So I guess if someone were to point a loaded gun at a group of people and pull the trigger, it would be a "fluke accident" if someone was killled.

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