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Thread: What if we had regional events in addition to the National Rally?

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    What if we had regional events in addition to the National Rally?

    On the ride home from West Bend I was thinking about the comments I had heard about day passes and Gillett as the next rally location.

    I like the idea of day passes. This was the main topic that the two other voices that share the helmet with me discussed on the way home. How would it have to be run? What would be the implications for the finances of the rally? What subtle changes would result as the security changed to accommodate day passes. We came to the conclusion that as much as we like it, we don‘«÷t think it is a good idea.

    The rally is a gathering of the clan. It may look like a festival but it is a family event. If you go to a family reunion you pay your dues in various ways. Your great aunt still pinches your cheek, there is the obnoxious cousin who‘«™(enter your family variation here)‘«™ Some one is the designated teller to childhood tails better forgotten. The BMWMOA National Rally version of all of this is paying the full freight at the gate. Instead of turning the National Rally into something it isn‘«÷t perhaps we should work in another direction.

    What if we had regional events?

    The long term idea my helmet buddies and I came up with was to hold an event in each region each year with the exception of the region holding the national. These would have hours; say from 9am to 10pm. Events would have limited camping to accommodate the needs of volunteers and vendors; however, they would be held in areas that had campgrounds and hotels in the immediate area to handle attendees. This would open up a greater number of locations to hold smaller events.

    Keep the prices down as much as possible on the daily ticket so that outsiders can come in and see what we are about.

    Have a variety of events that actually involve riding in addition to vendors and seminars.

    Spread the events over the year so that we always have something going along with a place to gather.

    We didn‘«÷t flesh this out any further, so I am just tossing the idea out for discussion. (The fourth voice showed up inside the helmet so we took a break for some pop and cheese curds. I thought about other things when I began riding again.)

    I am certain that Gillett will work out to be a great place to have a gathering of the clan. I am not as certain it would be a great place to have an event. So instead of either or why don‘«÷t we start developing both.

    Just wondering.
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    John, stay tuned...the Board has been discussing regional events for some time now. It will happen. Good seeing you in West Bend.

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    I thought there were PLENTY of regional events...

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    Yes many great rallies are out there but not quite what I am suggesting.

    Regional events wih a national flavor and support
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    Safety With Alacrity Event.

    I know the board has been working on events. What if they included...

    They do it with horses:
    What is Gymkhana

    The car guys do it:
    [url=]Gymkhana (motorsport), and they even have rules and regulations.

    The Japanese do it on small displacement motorcycles and even on wet courses.

    Why don‘«÷t we do it?

    Here is a car guy FAQ that will give more background.

    Here is one way to do it.

    The setup is done in a parking lot with cones and other appropriate markings. We set up a series of standard track layouts. For example take elements the MSF track, the emphasis is riding skill exercised quickly. That is different than speed. You are competing with yourself against the clock using your skills.

    Set them up by the by the forum classes and or cc displacement ranges.

    Every participant has to attend a rider safety session put on at the event.
    Bike inspection to make certain the bike is roadworthy.
    Require ATGATT

    BMW MOA members
    Any other machine rider that wants to come, participate and be exposed to the BMW MOA.

    Kicking it down a gear for competition.
    Run this at the regional events.
    Get the information out to Chartered Clubs so they can run their own events.
    Then run it as an International Event at the International Rally each year.

    This isn‘«÷t a track day or a race. It is a timed skills event that you can have a lot of fun with.
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    Will Hodag's trailer be provided at all events?
    Jon Diaz
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    Challenge Accepted!

    If someone is looking for a regional event consider the Salty Fog Rally.

    It will be held in Canada.

    No vendors.
    No bands but we will hear some local music
    Great Riding and great venues
    Camping and enclosed living

    Not endorsed by MOA just a group of MOA members creating a regional event on our own.

    Who: MOA Members & anyone else who wants one of the best destinations in North America
    What: Salty Fog Rally
    When: Around third weekend in August
    Where: Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Halifax, Larry's River, Meat Cove
    Why: A free regional event, camaraderie, fellowship and Good Times

    Keep an eye on this thread
    for more information.

    Just Doing it!

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    Time and Money is the enemy of us all. Only enough time in my schedule for the national and a local rally - although I consider some of the bigger Rallys such as Finger lakes and Rocket City regional rallys already.

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