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So, exactly how many blue K1200 s bikes have you seen in the U.S.?

does blue & white count? see a lot of these and one is at local dealer

and any pass in the same lane without notice is asking for trouble... you expect it in California and are very aware of it( been there,done that)..not Wisconsin!

Yeah, but that is blue & white! No more blue than the BMW roundel. This guy was probably lumbering along on his LT with the cruise on, stereo blaring, and his feet on highway pegs hogging the lane and got pissed he was passed by a bike he is unsure of it's speed or color. He should not be pissed, because he did not pay attention to those around him.
Sounds like a whiner to me.

Face it, LT's and R bikes are rolling road blocks for Harley's.