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Thread: Congratulations, Sue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Rihn-Manke View Post
    Yep - I agree. Sorry to all who I woke up. Two hours of sleep a night tends to make me a little edgy.
    You are not as tall as me but I never thought of you as little, you are a huge dynamo and edgy helped make the Rally great.

    Thanks again for all you did.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Loved the Rally Site,clean showers and facilities but most of all I enjoyed the company of my riding companions and making new friends.It's what the Rally is all about.Many thanks to Sue and Brian and to all those volunteers who made this great event possible.

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    Thanks to you and Brian for organizing a great rally. It was my first and I had a wonderful time. Can't wait until next year.

    Dan Peace

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    Smile Thanks

    A big Thank You to Sue and everyone else who made this possible. This was also my first MOA rally and I found it to be a model of efficiency, especially when compared to some other Rally's I have attended. I very much appreciated the cleanliness and quantity of the bathrooms and showers. I thought the food available was pretty good and never felt like I was being taken advantage of price wise. Even though I was alone, if I stood in one place for more than a couple of minutes someone would strike up a conversation and so I made some friends that I look forward to seeing at next years Rally. So again, Thanks to everyone who worked so hard.
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    I'll toss my thanks into the mix as well. Laura and I enjoyed every minute of the rally, which was our first.

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    Thumbs up Great job Sue!!!

    This was the first rally I went to. I had a wonderful time at the rally and with the other BMW riders. All I can say you did a exceptional job.

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    Heidi and I also want to express our thanks for one great rally. The location, weather, food, port-o-potties, etc were all exceptional. We realize a tremedous amount of work goes into this affair. Our thanks to all who were involved.

    Sue- please enjoy your 48+ trip. Hyder will be very busy with the bears in Aug. Make sure you take photos.

    bob and heidi still

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar View Post
    Yup, it was a most excellent rally. And I actually got to rally at this one!

    I am not a port-a-potty fan but I was amazed at the cleanliness of them, at least the ones near my tent north of the RV area. They were cleaned out so many times that more than once, the pot hadn't been used yet when I entered. And I appreciated the antibacterial lotion in each unit, as well as the handwash stations.

    Thanks Sue (and Brian--the entertainment was kick-ass). You did good all around!
    And for the ledge to set my beer on.(in the port-a-potties) It was very helpful. Really a GREAT RALLY! Thanks! From a first timer.

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    It was a great rally, seemingly without flaw.

    Port-a-podies give me the heebee-geebies, but these were the cleanest and least odoriferous in which I've ever taken a seat.

    Registration was a breeze (aside from the fellow helping me screaming "I've got a virgin!" at the top of his lungs when I ID'd myself as a first-timer)

    Entertainment was wonderful.

    The site itself was a great choice. Nice grounds, pretty, centrally located. . . .

    I thought the rally program-book was exceptionally impressive with every conceivable bit of information that one could ask for. I was still finding stuff in it after I got home.

    Thanks again to all who made this such a success.

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