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Thread: Caliper clearance

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    Caliper clearance

    I just changed the front brake pads on my 1991 K100RS/ABS. The only way I could figure out how to get the caliper off on the right side was to loosen the rotor from the carrier and swing it out of the way. That seemed to give wiggle room to get the left caliper off without removing that rotor. Is that usually the case? My Clymers manual doesn't say anything about doing that. Is there some trick to getting the calipers or wheel off without removing the rotor?


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    Jim, I dont have the same bike you do, although I do own a BMW bike. I think you should just pull the pins that hold the pads in, compress the pistons a bit, and the pads will just pull out like a 8 track out of a tape deck. I too made the same mistake first time I tried to change mine. Live and learn. Hope this helps.

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    You don't have to remove the pads. Just depress the pads slowly into the brake caliper and the calipers come right off. This is a good time to bleed the brake system as well.

    Make sure you pump the brake lever a few times after reinstalling the wheel.
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