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Thread: Stunt Bikes at the Next Rally

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    Stunt Bikes at the Next Rally

    West Bend was my first rally since becoming a member (2000) and I am glad my schedule finally worked out, I had a great time. I appreciate all of the effort by the planners and volunteers to keep us entertained, informed, and a little lighter in the wallet (I bought some stuff). I am excited at the prospect of attending next year.

    One thing I would love to see added to the show for next year is to put some adrenaline into the entertainment with some performing stunt bikes. With all of the performance machinery that BMW is offering I think it would be a great match. I long for the smell of burning rubber, the song of high revs and squealin' tires.

    Now I can already hear the cries that this just inspires lawless behavior and we are all about safe riding. I am an MSF instructor and I already spend a chunk of my summer promoting safe riding. Just 'cause I am entertained by watching professionals at the limit doesn't mean that I am going to try any of it. I think you are smarter than that too.

    I don't know if this has been a part of a BMW rally in the past but I would love to see some of it in the future. There are some great freestyle teams out there that do some amazing stunt work. I would love to see what kind of interest there is in making this happen.
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    I could bring my 76 R90/6 stunt bike.

    At the Biltmore rally in June, I went to start the bike to take it to the tech seminar.

    Insert key, press starter button, nothing.

    Borrow Diann's bike, go to seminar, come back, my bike starts fine. A few checks, nothing wrong, so I know it will eventually return.

    Several days later, we're in Pensylvania, all packed, ready for an early start. Same problem, at least now I can troubleshoot it. Diann goes off for eggs benedict, leaving me to reduce the bike to exploded view in the parking lot. I repair the problem, Diann returns with a muffin for me, and stories of how great the eggs benedict was.

    Funny thing is I'm an electrical technologist, so it must be karma.

    Oh, the other stunts it can do is fall off the sidestand or leak gas out of the carbs when it has a stuck float.

    So which stunt do you want me to demo next year????

    Regards, Rod.

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    I would enjoy watching Chris Pfieffer live. He is pretty amazing.

    Burnouts don't do much for me. Seems kinda dumb to waste a tire like that. But whatever works. I will watch. It ain't my tire.

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    Who was the guy (with the white beard) that did the burnout in front of me and everyone else at the beer garden? He was on a K1200S. Perhaps he could put on a longer show!

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    +1 for stunt rider event
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belquar View Post
    I would enjoy watching Chris Pfieffer live. He is pretty amazing.
    We tried to get Chris Pfeiffer, but I believe he was in Germany for their big gig over there.....
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    Actually, Chris Pfeiffer was at the BMW Canada event being held at Mosport Racetrack in Ontario. Talk about lousy timing. I had the choice of the two events, and elected to attend West Bend. No regrets, my wife and I had a great time, many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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