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Thread: Who Won?

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    Who Won?

    I am curious as to who won the bikes, and other large grand prizes. If anyone has a list I think everyone would like to know.

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    workin on that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    workin on that...
    How is it going?
    Ride Well

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    And the winners are...

    This is from the article submitted by Gray Buckley for the October BMW Owners News:

    Grand Prizes were awarded courtesy of the following to the noted winners:
    Two Grand Tours, Winners‘«÷ Choice of either the Alps, New Zealand, or Italy by Beach's Motorcycle Adventures, were claimed by Gary Ehlers, Towanda, IL and George Davies, Brookfield, WI;

    an F800 BMW Motorcycle from BMW MOA was collected by Andy Adler, Gurvee, IL;

    an F650 BMW Motorcycle from BMW MOA was claimed by Stewart Hamel, Waukesha, WI;

    a fully restored 1955 BMW R25/3 Motorcycle from BMW MOA went to Lee Schumacher of Aspen, Colorado;

    a Full Riding Suit from BMW Motorrad will appear on Steve McClung, Tulsa, OK;

    a Full Campsite Set Up from Full Throttle Camping walked away with Fletcher Clark, Ruleville, MS;

    a Full Riding Outfit from ROADGEAR went home with Robert McSweeney, Carlisle, PA;

    a Tour of Spain from Iberian Moto Tours will be enjoyed by Big Steve Kramer, Des Plaines, IL;

    a well funded Trip for Two to Montana donated by Montana Tourism will be experienced by Jim Roundtree, Ft. Pierce, FL;

    a Complete Rider Dress Set from REV' IT Sport USA will appear on Heather Harmeyer, Indianapolis, IN;

    and a Shiatsu Massage Chair donated by, you guessed it, Shiatsu Massage Chairs and will rest at the home of Rod Hughes, Oromocto NB Canada.

    A One Week Tour of Mexico donated by Steve Johnson and recognizing the Chain Gang‘«÷s tenth anniversary was claimed by Alan Kurtz, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

    Please extend your personal thanks to the prize contributors when you see them. They helped make this one of the greatest BMW MOA events ever.
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    Fantastic prizes all around.
    Big thanks for those that made it possible.

    Congrats to all the winners.
    I envy each and every one of you.
    Sig? What's a Sig?

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    I need to ditto how nice those prizes were. Since it was my first rally, I was impressed, do all rally's have such great prizes?

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    Yes they do, and if all those naysayers who are complaining about the choice of Gillette for the next rally don't go, the odds will be better for me to win one! One of these years...


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    What about the Raffles???matthew

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    How about the volunteer prizes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesewhiz View Post
    How about the volunteer prizes...
    Hey Cheese, this thread is a couple years old.

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