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Thread: Thank You Charging Station Volunteers!!!!

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    Thank You Charging Station Volunteers!!!!

    I would like to thank all my volunteers. Thanks for helping out, you all were wonderful to work with!!!!
    Pilot, Bernie Echt, Shane, Holly, SRAB, Lisa, Mongo,WoodnSteel, Ultra cyclist, Nels and Mrs. Nels, M1ka, James A. Strickland (double thanks), and Katie.

    A big thank you for everyone who used the service, you made the day go by quickly. I would say we charged maybe around 1000 devices.

    some of the wonderful questions....
    "which phone do you think is best?"
    "hey if my wife calls can you answer it and let her know I'm here?"
    "do you know anything about phone cards?"
    "can you show me how to work my new tom-tom rider?"
    "got any i-phones? cause that the one thats mine"
    "can I bring my bike in to charge?"

    a special thank you to bradford and Jdiaz for teaching me a valuable lesson in finding backups for people who bail.
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