I really enjoyed this year's national- great site- great riding, and Airhead Central was as usual, the place to be. Comfy chairs and couches (there was even a throne for Oak!), cold beverages , and lots of comraderie . I always make it a point to visit- BUT- this year I needed the help of the gurus- having developed a charging problem partway through my journey. I brought the 82 LS over there and several airheads spent time inspecting and testing until they found the source of the problem! - I had stopped to get a dianosis at a BMW shop en route and paid $70 to find out that they did not know what it was!!!! These guys at Airhead central removed the diode board and inspected it, looked at the brushes, took batteries out of THEIR bikes to run more tests, and just kept looking until "AH-HAA!" it was definitley the voltage regulator. OF all the electrical parts it could have been, the Voltage Regulator was the CHEAPEST to replace! A quick jog to Rik's motorad in the pavillion got me the necessary part (and I also purchased the book on charging systems) and I was on my way. I am gratful to be part of such a community!

1982 R65LS
1984 R100
1995 R1100R
Red Hook, NY