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Thread: Accident Sunday near Rally site?

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    Donations for Ragan

    We have been talking about setting up something for that. If you are interested and able to help out please send me a Private Message or email with your contact information.

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    Here is what's going on. She has a REALLY good attorney. The state better have their I's dotted and T's crossed or she'll get off on a technicality or a slap on the wrist. You can follow this on the wi CCAP. Just type CCAP in google and it'll pop up.

    Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)
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    State of Wisconsin vs. Darcy L. Schehr

    Dodge County Case Number 2007CF000245

    What is RSS?
    Filing Date Case Type Case Status
    Ascending Date Order
    Descending Date Order

    07-16-2007 Criminal Open
    Defendant Date of Birth Address
    01-20-1980 246 Cleveland Avenue, Hartford, WI 53027
    Branch Id DA Case Number
    1 2007DD002093


    Count No. Statute Description Severity Disposition
    1 940.09(1)(a) Homicide by Intoxicated Use of Vehicle Felony D
    2 940.09(1)(b) Homicide by Use of Vehicle with PAC Felony D
    View history and details of Charge(s)/Sentence(s)

    Responsible Official Prosecuting Agency Prosecuting Attorney Defense Attorney
    Klossner, Daniel W. State of Wisconsin Bauer, Steven G. Eisenberg, Mark


    Defendant Name Date of Birth Sex Race 1
    Schehr, Darcy L. 01-20-1980 Female Caucasian
    Address Address Updated On
    246 Cleveland Avenue, Hartford, WI 53027 07-16-2007
    JUSTIS ID Finger Print ID

    Defendant Attorney(s)
    Attorney Name Entered
    Eisenberg, Mark 07-16-2007


    Future Court Activity
    Date Time Location Description Type 2 Court Official
    12-17-2007 10:00 am Circuit Court Branch 1 Motion hearing Court Klossner, Daniel W.

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    State of Wisconsin vs. Darcy L. Schehr

    Any outcome of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montauk View Post
    Any outcome of this?
    Trial date set for 3/10/08.

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    Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I was reading today about how many bicyclists were killed in Iowa and Nebraska in the last year.

    One fellow was killed two miles from my home while he rode to work. Two others were rear-ended by a man in a pickup. One of these riders I knew. Both survived, but it's a miracle.

    It seems to me that bicyclists and motorcyclists have a lot in common in regards to avoidance of cagers. There is a movement by a West Des Moines, IA lawer/cyclist to stiffen the penalties for a cager who hits a motorcyclist.

    Guess what happened to the driver of the pickup who hit the two guys?


    Not even a ticket. Nada.

    He claimed he just didn't see them. The accident was on a clear weekday morning last June right about 6am. The sun wasn't in his eyes at all.

    Add in the drunks and others careless and negligent persons to the ones who actually swerve towards bicyclists, and we have much in common with the human powered two-wheelers. If we aren't working together, I ask, why not?


    Randy Kasal

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    Illinois Stuff

    My heartfelt sympathy to all those who remain who knew the victims.

    We had a similar occurance in Springfield, IL.

    A young man had been drinking after work until late night hours. He then decided to drive down the interstate on the wrong side until he hit a car head-on. Five young college students dead in an instant. He suffered a few broken bones. It is not really equality, but he is in prison for 20 years for reckless homicide. So many lives screwed up. It cannot be any sadder.

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