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Thread: Givi box on GT

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    Givi box on GT

    Has anyone put a Givi box on their GT? If so, do you have the brake light assembly? Am told by dealer that the lights used by Givi does not work with integrated brake system on the bike (or at least may cause a problem). Am concerned that the placement of the bike's brake light will be obscured by box for vehicles (especially trucks) that are following close behind. Anyone have experience here?


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    I used a givi top box on my roadster with no problems from the light and the abs. It worked fine, and I liked the extra brake light which seemed to be at eye height for most drivers. You can never be too visible unless you are running from the law. By the way I have the entire givi set for sale on ibmwr.
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    Thumbs up Givi box

    My brother has one on his GT and it works very well.
    No problems with the ABS or anything else either.

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    You can also post on Vic's site for more info.
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