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Thread: Help me find a tent

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    Word of advice re: ground cloths and footprints under the tent.

    They should never extend beyond the edge of the bottom of the tent. Not one little bit. They'll catch rainwater and funnel it right under the tent.
    Dave Swider
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    Yeah Dave, my brother and I learned that the hard way with the orange tent in the picture back in '89. We were camping on an RV site in an Alabama state park on the Gulf Coast and woke very early one morning to the sensation of soaked sleeping bags. We'd allowed some of our tarp to protrude past the door-end as a sort of 'front porch' on which to remove our shoes. This didn't merely *funnel* the water, it ran it like an Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi River project under the poor little tent! We got up and made a quick run for my car, which at the time was a beat-up '77 Monte Carlo. I mention this because we were still wanting sleep and there ain't room to do anything but sit upright in that car, despite its huge exteriour.
    My brother hasn't slept in a tent since.
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    Apache Instant Tents

    Here's a great tent that you can set up in less than a minute:

    Their website has a video of it being set up. They have a sale going on right now. I'm happy with mine.


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