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Thread: San Fran to Portland

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    San Fran to Portland

    I took a small trip up the coast. Didn't do much planning with this one. Just packed the tent and went. I had two days to get from Mountain View, CA to Cammas WA. Its 800 miles up the coast and 600 miles via the highway. I opted for the coast. Beutiful slow ride is probably the best way to describe it. Don't expect to make any time with all the slow moving cars.

    Camped in the middle of the redwoods and the cut up inland and eventually jumping on I5 for the last 200 miles.

    Overall a fantastic trip. Here are the pictures.

    Coming home I only had one day and I wanted to be home by dinner, so it was I5 all the way. once I was south of MT Shasta the heat hit hard! the BC was saying 120 degrees! There was just no way to stay cool.

    Sorry for only adding links and not putting the pics in here directly, but I can't seam to ficure that out without only doing one at a time.

    I will have another post about a little problem I had.....
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    I know this trip.

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