Too much beer tent, and not enough reporting, so here's the scoop from yesterday.

Hodag and Dave Klingensmith setting up the charging station. Here, twenty feet of heavy gauge wire was traded for a cup of coffee, indicating the day's priorities.

MOA rallies bring out the best in everyone. Here Dylan Lane snatches Holly's purse with a smile. Actually, Dylan is getting a jolt from Holly Ralph at the charging station, a service that guarantees cell phones, blackberries, and cameras are kept running for thousands of people camping at the rally.

Rider Ian Briscoe is fascinated by his reflection in the head of ride Aaron Haefer. In an attempt to attract younger riders, MOA officials left trails of candy out to the street.

The perfect couple: Clark Luster, the new Ambassador Liaison, has his arm around his wife June, who has her hand on his wallet.

Paul Bachorz made five points to the board at the Town Hall meeting. He would have made six points but only has five fingers on that hand and didn't want to confuse the issue. He also raised the question about winter rallies and options other than the national rally for engaging members. The board then assigned him to ride across North Dakota on his bike in February to see why winter rallies are less popular.

As his last official act, outgoing Secretary Rob Nye reads the results of the election into the Board of Directors meeting minutes. Afterwards, he ran from the room screaming "I'm free... I'm free!" He begins auditions for the rock musical "Tommy" next week.

Incoming Secretary Muriel Farrington and Director Gail Hatch prepare to assume the reins of power. Now that 80%+ of the BoD are women, we can look forward to the solution of all problems caused by men.