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Thread: OK, here goes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RallyReport View Post
    After many years of posting pics from the Rally, we thought it might be interesting to try a bit of an upgrade.

    We've got three people on board to shoot pics, write some stuff and post. And this is gonna be a real Internet effort because while one person is already at there at the rally, another won't get there until tomorrow (work calls...), and the third is sitting at home with a crashed bike.

    Anyway, please bear with us while we get our act together and make some posts.

    At the start of Camp Gears (Gaining Early Advanced Riding Skills), attractive women are taught to evade riders with pink fringe on their helmets. This simple reflex action substantially reduces the number of embarrassing "turn-down" conversations in beer tents at major motorcycle rallies.

    Helen TwoWheels sez "In today's drawing, the winner gets a choice of the bike on my left or a huge bag of cats that my assistant is holding."

    At Camp Gears, riders learn the correct way to remove a helmet from a downed rider. In attempt to drag out a conversation with this woman, these guys managed to stage this demnstration for two hours.

    "First they look into your eyes. Then they hold your hand. But they really only want one thing... The keys to your F650."

    The lady in red chats with the man in orange.

    Bud Meade decided to camp with his friends. After the rally, he'll have "Get some friends" checked off on his rally preparation list.
    Found the pics...

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    We're having some temporary technical difficulties. We're working on them at the moment, and expect service to return shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    We're not happy about it, of course, but we are prepared for it and expect there to be no data loss or any long-term reduction in service. You can learn more and follow our progess on our Support Forum.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
    Found the pics...
    ha... yeah, perfect timing.

    hopefully this don't last too long!

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    Just in case you hadn't seen these linked off the home page, here they are...

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    And ... mo Camp Gears. Great stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by RallyReport View Post
    And ... mo Camp Gears. Great stuff

    Hey Paul, You holding the building up?? Have fun buddy!!! By the way this slide show feature is awesome

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    Poor sheep

    That was 1 abused and well traveled lamb shortly after the monkey dismounted he was sheepnapped from camp gears over the next few days every time I was walking around the grounds the sheep would be with another group who knows how it was treated after dark

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    Oh, you crazy Airheads.
    You know who you are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    Sure is. Go here:

    Oh, you meant the MOA International webcam.

    Sorry, can't help you with that.

    sMiling - at the rally site

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