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Thread: Sunday breakfast? (GPS routes.)

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    Sunday breakfast? (GPS routes.)

    Hi all,
    I know that for most of you food is the furthest thing from your mind when you're out on the road.

    But some of us enjoy the culinary delights of the Wisconsin supper clubs. There's one in Westfield that we always went to while setting up summer camp near by. That's the Haystack on Cty E just west of Westfield. By the route I planned, it's just under 100 miles so it would make a good stop for those heading west.

    We're heading back to the Chicago 'burbs so it's not too far out of the way for us. If you're interested in the route, you can download a Garmin file at or a generic GPX file at

    There are other routes there that may be of interest to anyone coming from the Chicago area.

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    Heading west you say

    Then try Morrels Supper Club in Middleton, WI.

    Middleton is Northwest of Madison, WI by about 12 miles, or about an hour and forty minutes west of Milwaukee.

    Dinners will knock your socks off. They make their own ice cream with about 39% butter fat. Open up a vein, and shove in a stick of butter.

    Prime rib, fresh seafood, quail, pheasant, have fun!

    The place overlooks a nature perserve.

    Take me with you.

    Or..try the Otter Steak house in Hortonville. They will serve you a cow. About an hour and few minutes from the rally site, towards Green
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    I've only been to a supper club once, and it was great. Somewhere near Plymouth and Elkhart Lake. They seem like a phenomenal way to socialize if they are in the same format. Drinks and appetizers out at the bar where we ordered our dinner. When dinner was ready they fetched us to a table and the food was EXCELLENT. After dinner, back to the bar area for coffee after. Are they all like this??

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    The New Fox & Hounds,
    Great food, laid back attitude, located on great roads around Holy Hill, oh yea .. a beer garden for those excellent evening we are going to have this week.
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