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Thread: Last Ride Report

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    Last Ride Report

    Alas, i can't delete but can modify to death my post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMielke View Post
    After contributing ride reports since joining this forum I toook a little survey as to the response. In my last 5 reports I've had 672 readers(lurkers) and 4 people actually respond. I will no longer waste my time with this Forum.
    Maybe it is because your pictures are 1024 pixels wide and require horizontal scrolling back and forth to see them and to read the text. Folks are too worn out to respond. Maybe?


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    I see a few ride reports with little or no comment. They are all enjoyed, along with yours, so please continue to post them. Even though they are enjoyed, I don't feel the need to comment on every ride report I see.

    Hang around, post often, you are appreciated along with everyone else that posts here. Really.

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    I also often read ride reports and enjoy them without feeling the need to comment, they take me to places I've never been, would like to go, or have been and I can compare my own experience to the writers. Safe riding, good writing, and photos to everyone. Even if I don't respond I enjoy your reports!

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    Bob, I read all your reports and look at the pictures. Have not been to Oregon for about 23 years but enjoy seeing the sights. One day I will visit my sister in Oregon again. Good stuff.
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    Don't Take it Personally

    Bob, for a long time I felt that my role on the forum was to be a "thread killer". It seemed that I would invariably be one of the last posters before the thread became inactive. (and I still am to some extent) I think it was because I was too shy too jump in and too fearful that I might say something controversial. I think I ended up being a ho-hum poster because of that.

    So don't give up. I have seen your posts many times and feel that you have something worthwhile to contribute to the mix here.

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    My problem is I post too much. Do I post too much? And often without much to say.

    Good photos of an area I hope to visit someday.
    Don't be discouraged, you've seen some great sites, rode some great rides and shown us some great pics.
    Keep it up, we'll wake up eventually.

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    ***After contributing ride reports since joining this forum I toook a little survey as to the response. In my last 5 reports I've had 672 readers(lurkers) and 4 people actually respond. I will no longer waste my time with this Forum.***

    Oh Bob please don't go...Please...Oh Brother

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    I am 53 y/o and got my permit last Oct the day before my 53rd Bday. I know I will never get to go to all the places that you and others, who contibute to the ride report, have given me the opportunity to see through your eyes. If you stop posting you rides, I and many others, will miss out on those rides we can only take in our mind. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I don't dream! Don't take that away from us! God gave you a gift, share it!

    Mark Evans
    Mark Evans
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    Ever respond to anyone elses posts Bob?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
    Ever respond to anyone elses posts Bob?

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    Write stuff because you want to write it. Share it because you want to share it. Ride because you want to ride. Anything else that comes of it is mere icing on the cake.

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    I would look at the number of views as indication of interest in your ride reports. I don't think people will open and view a report unless they're interested in what's in them. The ride reports are the first thing I check here and read those first, but like others, I don't always respond to every report I read, but they're all much appreciated. I've never been to the northwest either but like reading reports and seeing pictures from there.

    Keep riding and reporting.
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    Ditto what Knary said.

    Who knows what "buttons" need to be pushed to get people to offer a comment. If you look at the ratio of viewers to responders on any forum there is always a very small percentage of people adding comments. People who read these reports enjoy the photos, but, if they are like me, don't feel the need to comment on every one.

    Truth is it's folks like you, Knary and everyone else that contributes to ride reports that keeps this section of the website worth looking at. It's also people like you that encourages others to contribute and maybe even joing the MOA. Hang in there.
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    I admit it, I'm a lurker, although I prefer reader. I thought the purpose of the ride report forum was to allow people to post their experiences and to share what they did with others. I haven't had any really good rides that I felt warranted posting, but I do enjoy reading others. To me, it's like a book. You right something and toss it out there for people to read. I can't remember ever having sent a comment to a book author about their work, that's not to say that I didn't enjoy the book. You should fell good about the number of readers you are getting. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

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