fellow clean driving record enthusiasts,

im new to riding motorcycles, so im learning and observing lots of things while i get up to speed, har har. one thing ive noticed is that most of the roads i ride on around austin are more fun slightly above posted speed limits. this cant be entirely due to the fact that all bmw riders speed. and note, im not saying safer or anything, just sheer GRIN. (GRin INducement factor.) most of them are ok at posted speeds, really fun at 10-20 above posted, and then less fun above 20. i find that 'twisties' are fun +10 mph and 'sweepers' are more fun at +20. keep in mind that im a novice and im conservative. so many of you might be thinking those are low numbers/im a wuss. thats ok. i can feel that my bike can do more than i ask it to, but im taking it easy.

so while im out having fun, in the back of my mind im concerned about receiving any performance awards from the local law enforcement enthusiasts. and i wondered, are there any roads where i can ride the posted speed limit and it's a total blast?

my hunch is that the roads are engineered/posted for automobiles, namely buicks or something, and so the speeds are a tad lower than motorcycles can safely handle. perhaps ive hit upon an age-old gripe with motorcyclists, that there should be two speed limits or something. i do know that when i was driving a bimmer i could drive significantly faster than posted limits and everything felt fine, so it might be as simple as a lowest-common-denominator mindset for setting limits. let me say that im less interested in a huge debate over road engineering, and more interested is terse replies that say:

a) no, no roads like that.
b) yes, rt xxx in such-and-such is a blast at the posted speed limit. (it may be a SUPER blast at 10+ too.)

mostly im curious.