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Thread: Would a new F650 GS make a good FIRST bike

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    Would a new F650 GS make a good FIRST bike

    Well, I finally did it... 37 years old and I finally went and got a motorcycle endorsement on my license. I NEVER road a motorcycle before (except for a short stint on a Rokon, but that doesn't count)... Took a MSF rider's edge class and had a blast.

    Don't want a Harley, don't want a rocket. Just a good stable tour/dirt road bike. Commute around town (Grand Junction, Colorado) and make highway blasts to my true home in Leadville, Colorado. 150 miles of I-70 Highway.

    I like the price, I like the seat height ( I have a 29" inseam) Not to small/Not to Big.

    Would a more street orientated bike be better? Am I getting in over my head or am I going to want to trade in a year...

    The Kawasaki & Hondas seem a bit more dirt orientated. Yamaha doesn't seem to have a 500+cc Dual sport....

    I guess its better than the folks going out a buying a full dress Electraglide as their first bike

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    It is a good first bike. Light enough to handle well. Big enough to get up to speed. I was happy with mine.

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    You would be hard pressed to find a better first bike than the F650GS. I've owned 9 BMWs and numbers of other makes. I find my current '02 F650GS to be the most versatile motorcycle I've ever owned. Great starter bike, great commuter, great light tourer and a blast off pavement. Add to that 65-70 mpg and tons of available add-ons and you have a great first, second or last bike.

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    My F650 might be my last bike - after having ridden BMW twins for over 35 years. It'll make a great first bike, I wish they'd been available when I started on my love fest with BMW.

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    Thumbs up You couldn't make a better choice!

    I've been riding for 43 years and think that the F650GS is the best motorcycle I have ever owned. Like you I have a 29" inseam and appreciate the low seat. Look for the factory lowered version if possible, if not it is not a major project to lower the standard version which is what I did.

    "It's not only the best "beginner bike" out there, with its low-slung weight, low seat height and upright seating position, it's also one of the best bikes I've ever ridden, period." - Don Searle, Motorcycle Consumer News, July 2000

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    I almost sold my 650GS a couple of months ago. I took it for another ride around town and decided it's the best bike I have ever owned. The wife even perfers to ride passenger on this bike more than any of the other bikes.

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    Well I stopped by the small BMW dealer today.. (30 bikes a year) Not a GS650 in sight, sold all they were allocated a long time ago with deposits......


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    I love my 650 GS! It's my first bike and I'm not interested in trading up anytime soon. If you haven't done so or it hasn't been suggested, check out the Chain Gang at

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    Good first bike Choice

    I have just riden the F650. It was a loaner from my dealer while they did the 18000 mile service on my 04, R1150RT. I told all my co workers that came out to see it, that it would be a "perfect first bike" One of them is already looking for a used one, his first bike, Good Choice.
    I felt it was a little "buzzzzy" in the palms at highway speed, but otherwise a pretty nice thumper, I did not ride it off road, only street .. JMHO

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    I upgraded from a fully decked out R1150RT to my 2005 F650GS, and I'm glad I made that decision.

    20 years of riding, and have owned at least that many bikes. This one does everything I want to do with a motorcycle, and then some (from reading some of the ride reports on f650gs, -way- and then some.)

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    The F650 is by far the best choice for a first bike. Our local dealer can't even keep them in stock. I had a friend of mine hanging out with me one Saturday and I stopped at the BMW dealer to look for a mesh jacket, and long story short, my buddy rode home on a new F650. He wasn't even looking for a bike but fell in love with it first time he sat on it. At the time they had the 4.9% finacing deal and for the money I don't think you can buy a better bike. They ride great and will go anywhere you may want to go. If you want a new one buy it when you find it. Our local dealer can't keep them in stock. When my buddy got this one they had 3 more coming in with one fully paid for and down payments on the other 2 and didn't know when they were going to get more. They are popular for a reason, and really fun to ride.

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    Well I found a used bike with 240 miles

    2007 F650GS with premium package (grips, hand guards, center stand ABS) BMW engine guard, and Dakar windshield...

    $7995... I am real happy! This is the bike in question:
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    Great deal!!!

    I got mine new a few months ago and is the perfect bike. You are going to enjoy it.

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    Should also say that I talked to the dealer in Lakewood/Denver and they were saying that BMW is not shipping the 650GS after September. The have 4 more bikes coming and that is it. I looked through the forum and couldnt figure out what was rumor and what wasn't

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    I guess I should ahve had a bigger smile But this was right after the paperwork.. Oh boy am I happy. I resisted temptation to take it home (it was raining, its 180 miles on the highway, I haven't found a helmet or jacket that I like yet)...
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