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Thread: What Brightens Aluminum Engines?

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    The Disclaimer: I never tried this on a BMW case, but I used it with good results on Alfa Romeo cast aluminum cam covers.

    There is a product made for treating bare metal (steel) prior to painting called Metal Prep (it's a brand name that has become somewhat generic). It is acid based. Available at automotive paint stores. Wipe it on with a rag or "paint" it on with a brush, let sit for a few minutes then wash it off with water. Easy.

    The Alfa parts were not polished, as the BMW cases are not polished. The stuff cleaned and brightened the aluminum significantly - like it came from the factory - without the trouble of scrubbing, blasting or polishing. I'd not hesitate trying it on an Airhead case (if I had one).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzin View Post
    I just read my last post and it sounded prety hoaky. But just remember some great cleaners have been found in the strangest places. Try cleaning gold, silver or brass with a bit of spit and cigarette ashes. Quite amazing!
    I think "Ask Heloise" made a career out of it.

    My favorite, discovered quite by accident, is cleaning the bottom of copper clad pots (Revereware) with Ketchup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzin View Post
    Just gave me a thought; has anyone ever used Arm & Hammer tooth paste to polish metal? It's claim to fame for cleaning teeth is baking soda.
    Colgate baking soda and peroxide works wonderfully on sterling jewelry, so ya never know...

    Also, S100 engine brightener really improves the look of oxidized aluminum engine bits and doesn't evaporate off.
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    Interesting stuff guys !

    I too was curious about the soda blasting; while the engine is all together. I dunno if it is such a good idea or not - but if I were to do it, this is how I would go about it (On an airhead...)

    -Remove the front engine cover, and tape cardboard around all the vent holes; re-install.
    -Remove the airbox, top engine cover, fuel lines, and carbs. Plug the intake ports with a sock or something. When blasting near the starter, use a piece of cardboard to protect the starter.
    -Blast away
    -'Rinse' with a lot of compressed air, followed by a wipe down with WD40 or whatnot.

    Thoughts ?

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