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Thread: Cert of Authenticity

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    Cert of Authenticity


    Although I am not new to vintage BMWs, I have had /5s, and have never tried to verify their originality. With the recent purchase of a 1962 R50/2, I would like to find out exactly when and in what configuration it left the factory. It has red pin striping which is stated to be original, and looks it. Is there a Certificate of Authenticity service from BMW similar to what it has for old cars?


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    Here's a couple of possibilities...the first is a certificate from BMW for abut $90:

    Or you could email Andreas Harz at BMW...they're very helpful and will find a few details for you and email you back.
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    Thanks, I'll try the email option first.

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    VIN decoder

    Put the last 7 digits of the serial number.

    may give you what you want.

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