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Thread: 05 1200gs noABS brake bleed

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    Question 05 1200gs noABS brake bleed

    just got oneway bleeder scews to put on all 3 calipers. can i just bleed them normally? i found more bleeder screws halfway up. do they only apply to ABS- i hope. 25 years of wrenching on my shovelhead have not prepared for what i thought would be a snap namely to put in new brakefluid in my gs after 30k miles. any words of wisdom from you erudite gentlemen?

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    My advice - you need some guidance here. On an '05 - I assume you have the ABS-Power-brakes.

    The bleeding/flushing is a considerably more complex project than on normal brake systems.

    The brake system actually has two completely seperate brake circuits for each wheel (a total of 4..)

    The "upper" or first circuit is a control circuit. It consists of the master cylinder - and a circuit in the ABS/Power Servo unit that controls the second circuit.

    The "lower" or second circuit is the actual brake circuit. It does the braking - using an electronic pump (servo) to push the fluid into the brake lines and calipers - under the control of the brain, and the upper circuit. the power servo also does the linking between the front and rear brake..

    Some info of use here - although these are for an earlier bike - the process is the same:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any doubts about your ability to do this job - doing it wrong could be dangerous, or costly if you damage a component... in that case - I would strongly urge you to have your friendly local dealer do the job. And if you're still under warranty - this might also be a concern.

    EDIT - I see you mention "NoABS" - assuming that means your bike doesn't have the servo equipped brakes (which is really rather unusal) - most of what I said above may not apply. Where did you find the additonal bleed nipples?

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    brake bleed

    thanks for the reply i should have looked closer before i posted. it's not as complicated as it looked at first

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