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Thread: A little help with a Seminar

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    I don't like the way streets disappear when you are zooming out. My paper map doesn't do that. Why does my software map?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BradfordBenn View Post
    Howdy All-

    I am giving my first seminar at the rally this year. The seminar I am giving is:
    Software Mapping Programs - A Brief Comparison and Tips/Tricks on Saturday. Usually when I make presentations it is about products at work and I know the common questions so I can address them

    Well as I am putting the finishing touches on the seminar, I realized I do not know what some of the questions that people might have about Software Mapping Programs. So this post is a blatant request for questions. I will try to answer them as best I can either at the seminar or here in the forum.

    See you all in West Bend.
    How about creating map files of the rides you just took. I have been using the magellan roadmate for the last 2 years. We create a desired route but often venture off the plan as we see more things we want to explore. What features exist to capture the new route and then save the route and send it to your budies?


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    Thanks for the input guys. I think I am going to be rewriting the seminar... also like for some of these questions you may want to go to Sean's seminars on GPS. I will do my best though.

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    Bradfords Program was a WINNER!

    Just want to thank Bradford publically for his great program on Maping Software. His brief PowerPoint presentation and side by side comparisons of MS Streets & Trips, Map Source and Deloreme Street Atlas really helped clarify the capabilities of each. Honest opinions were exchanged and everybody that I sat near, felt that it was very worthwhile.

    Way to go, big guy. You did a great job.

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    powerpoint presentations

    Hey Brad, would you be willing to post your Powerpoint file online for those of us who missed your presentation?

    (So many things to do, so little time)
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