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Thread: 600 mile service

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    600 mile service

    I just sent my bike to the 600 mile service. The bike is performing great, so it is just a routine check. The BMW dealer is charging me $300 for this. Is this logical? it seems a little too much. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, thanks

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    It's not a routine check at all. They will change all the fluids and torque the cylinder head. They give the bike a thorough check to make sure all systems are operating correctly. All my riding partners do their own service on their bikes, except the 600. We always have the dealer perform that.

    Count yourself lucky that you're getting away with $300, FWIW. It's a great investment that you'll never regret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash412 View Post
    iaicardi - BMW F650,
    On an F650, they do nothing for the 600 mile service other than check for leaks and items that they screwed up during dealer-assembly. They don't change the oil in the fork or the motor and they SURE won't touch anything with a torque wrench. It is a ripoff.
    I took a moment to call my local dealer. I'm not a hardcore mechanic (though I do my own service). I don't own an F650. Here's what they told me:

    Service is $270.

    Complete diagnostic
    adjust clutch
    adjust chain
    check various switches
    They DO change the engine oil
    I couldn't write it all down, but there was a long list of checks and adjusts. It's about three hours.

    Now you can argue the merit of having the service done or not, or that you can do it yourself. But it's not the case that the dealer does essentially nothing for $300.

    I still contend that if something major is wrong with the bike, now is the time you want to find it.

    If someone can do a diagnostic with BMW equipment for $125, go for it. I'd still take it to the dealer, but that's just me. Others clearly feel differently.

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    As much as it pains me, I have to agree with Flash on this one. Never is the adage "If you want something right, do it yourself" more true than as it relates to motorcycle maintenance.

    IMO, the ONLY reason to have a dealer do the 600 mile service is to avoid possible warranty disputes in the future. Technically, legally, a motorcycle manufacturer or dealer can't insist on doing the maintenance on a vehicle unless they provide it free, but not having a record of the 600 mile service in "der OberKomputer" could lead to some disputes down the road.

    That said, you may want to approach your dealer or service guy with "I want to learn to work on my bike myself, how much would you charge me to double-check my work." I've had this kind of relationship with a couple of dealers and it worked. Generally less than a hundred bucks to get that all important dealer stamp in my owner's manual. OTOH, YOUR dealer may look at this as you're taking money out of his pocket and not be interested. It depends of the dealer. The two in question, I think, looked at it as lightening their workload at times they were swamped.

    But Flash IS right, in practice the 600 mile check will consist of LOOKING for things that are FALLING OFF the bike, hooking up the computer to look for faults, if it's a FI model BMW, and charging you for three-four times the amount of time the most inexperienced guy in the shop takes to do it.

    A sad tale from my own experience. Out of necessity, (I was travelling and couldn't do it myself) I had one of the best known, most highly regarded BMW/Triumph/Victory dealers in the country do a 6k service on my Triumph Sprint. This service followed a 5,000 mile trip to BC and down the coast of the US. All sort of things are prescribed in the 6k service, obviously, and one is a "10 mile, MINIMUM, test ride to insure everything is in proper order" Says that RIGHT ON THE PAPERWORK they fill out to have you sign when you pick up your bike.

    Well, like I said, I was travelling. I dropped the bike off, they did the work then shipped the bike to me in the next town I travelled to. When I picked up the bike, I rode it 10 miles to where I was working only to find a puddle of oil beneath the bike. (Good thing I had an ST, with a full fairing, instead of an RS or the oil would have been going right on my rear tire.)
    I immediately took it to the Triumph Dealer in Denver where it was discovered that 2 of 8 O-rings for the valve cover bolts were left out, so I KNEW they at least took the valve cover off to check the valves. But I asked the Denver dealer to re-check them while they were in there, only to find 3 out of 12 valves were out of spec.

    This mess went all the way to Triumph America and the CA dealer would NEVER admit fault, although it was plain as day, to everyone concerned, it was entirely theirs. Plain and simple, I paid for work that was not, I repeat, was not performed. And this wasn't some fly-by-night dealer. Like I said it's generally acknowledged as one of the best in the USA

    Do your own work. Your life depends on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlearl476 View Post
    IMO, the ONLY reason to have a dealer do the 600 mile service is to avoid possible warranty disputes in the future.

    I don't disagree with most of what's being said, but with the way it's being said. And "pain" is the key word here; you're right.

    I do my own service. But we need mechanics to provide this service for those who don't want to do it themselves and for more serious problems.

    The idea that the dealer/service network has been established to "rip us off" is absurd on its face.

    But that's just me. We've all got some money, more and less, and thank goodness are free to spend it as we wish.

    See you all at the rally.

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    Hey Ignacio,


    Remember you are in Manhattan, being charged I think a $90.00 an hr rate.. If dealer service is necessary, I have Max's in Troy NY pickup my bike at my house at No Charge, do the service and return the bike from whence it came at a much lower hourly rate.

    I'll tell you about my recent tire experience when I see you!

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    Both my Dakar(sold) and F800s were free. On my printed out reciept the oil was changed and it listed the amount of fluid that was replaced(I'm at work and don't have it in front of me) I am VERY pleased with Lone Star BMW of Austin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post

    The idea that the dealer/service network has been established to "rip us off" is absurd on its face.
    I didn't mean to insinuate that I believed that the service network was established to rip us off, it just seems to work out that way more than it should. I think the "flat rate" structure and the way dealerships pay techs is mostly to blame.

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    $300 six hundred mile service

    You can't expect to have a $9k bike and have it serviced for $90.00

    Do it yourself......... my $.02

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