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Thread: 1150 smoking on startup

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    1150 smoking on startup

    Just headed out for lunch and my 01 1150GS (30k miles) smoked like my old 1K110LT. What's up with that? This was after 4 hours sitting since arriving at work, so cold engine. No smoke after a 1/2 hour stop for lunch. Will see tonight after work.

    Also, I seem to have developed a ticking noise this year. Appears to be on the left side. I checked the values on both sides and they are spot-on. Can't hear it when I'm in the shop, but appears to happen more when under load of riding.

    Thanx's for any input, I was planning to be on the road this Sat to Wisconsin, so I'm hoping this was just a fluke.


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    must not have parked in NO SMOKING section!

    My 1150's and the RT smoke on occasion, heard sitting on side stand could cause it, but no proof... Always smokes at high altitude at cold temp days. started one that had been parked for 3 weeks yesterday and killed the mosquitoes in area...didn't smoke after that.

    lot of talk in other threads about left side cam tensioner making racket

    Ride on!!
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    My CL smokes on start up occasionally and it is always on the side stand (no centre stand on this bike). I don't remember my RT smoking on start up but it was always on the centre stand when I parked it for an extended period of time. Side stand lean will, on occasion, introduce a SMALL amount of oil into the cylinder that will get burnt off on the next startup. It's no big deal. Keep an eye on your oil level and you should be fine.
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