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Thread: Vendors @ the Rally (Prices)

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    Vendors @ the Rally (Prices)

    Have never been to a rally before so I will dare to ask. Will there be decent deals/discounts on vendor products or will the prices be inflated because of the demand? Probably a silly question, I know..... economics 101.


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    Prices are quite reasonable, IMO.

    I picked up a mesh jacket and mesh touring pants for $250 at last years rally in Vermont. Which were necessary since it was HOT HOT HOT!

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    some dealers run rally specials, clothing always seems to be discounted

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    I've found the prices of the motorcycle parts/gear/stuff vendors to range from OK to just plain real bargains.

    Food vendors have been quite reasonable at some ranging upwards to "where's the grocery store" outrageous at others. I have no idea about food at this one but hope springs eternal ....
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